Buah Kedongdong

Now Buah kedondong fruit juice or local call as Ambra juice has become a very popular drink for local people or foreigner whoever order this drink in restaurant or local coffee shop.

 A small Ambra or buah kedongdong tree


Buah kedongdong tree


A bunch of buah kedongdong tree on the tree









Buah Kedongdog 


Ambra drink


Sweet sour dried plum (sui-boey) 


Binomial name for buah kedongdong is Spondias Dulcis.

It's a tropical tree. It is an edible fruit. Local people sometimes just plant it in the big flower pot. Within 2 or 3 feets, it can grown the fruit but a bit smaller.

If the kedongdong tree plant into the ground, it can be a more higher, more than one meter. Somehow the roots is quite destructive, so better plant it distances away from the house.

It's a fibrous fruit. When it is ripe the fruit skin colour also looks green. The flesh is crunchy and the taste is a bit sour when you taste.

Some small buah kedongdong is without a seed. However some has a hard seed inside and you also can see a fibre hair about one cm which stood  on the seed.

Some local people like to eat raw, just cut the fruit into a few pieces, then dip piece of Buah kedongdong or Ambra into the black salty and sweet sauce ( The sauce mostly make from black soy-sauce, light soy-sauce, a bit of salt, a bit of sugar and some people put sticky black prawn paste which called as hay-ko)

Recipe of homemade kedongdong pickles. Marinate the buah kedongdong with salt and wait for about an hour (drawn out the water). Wash the buah kedongdong with boiled water then drain it and dry it for half an hour. Make syrup (sugar with water) and cool it. Put the dry kedondong into a jar container and add in the syrup and cover it all. You can put in the fridge. Tasty !

Some Rojak hawker (Rojak in Malay language means mixture. It is a fruit and vegetable salad dish in Malaysia) also put Kedongdong fruit inside.

It also can make into a juice drink. In the restaurant or coffee shop, you just can order the drink by calling the name as "Ambra sui-boey".

Take a few buah kedongdong and blend it. (You can smell a raw taste and it looks a bit sticky). Pour into a glass. Put some syrup (sweety taste, cause buah kedongdong juice is quite sour). You can also add in some plain water. Drop one sweet sour dried plum (Malay called as Asam, Chinese called as sui- boey) into the drink. It could make this drink more flavour. Then you add in some ice cubes. Well ! A very refreshing Ambra sui-boey juice just nicely to be serve.