Buah belimbing

Local people called star fruit as buah belimbing. If we cut the fruit in crosswise, then we can get the slices star shape fruits. It's so exicting for the small children to use it as the stamp, put some colour on it and pressed it on the paper...natural shape is on....very beautiful.

Buah belimbing tree

Buah belimbing on the branch

       Buah belimbing/star fruit

There are 2 types of star fruit : Buah belimbing manis (Averrhoa Carambola), it served as table fruits. Buah belimbing buluh (Averrhoa Bilimbi), it served as cooking fruits.

Star fruit or buah belimbing has 5 ridges. It tends to be sweet when there is a bigger rib. The size vary from 5 - 7 inches when it's ripe and it's green to yellowish in colour. The outer skin looks shining and a bit waxy. The seeds are brown and small. The aroma of the fruit is nice. It contains a lot of water. It had the sweet sour taste and very refresh for the juice.

Farmers started to plant the star fruit back to hundred years ago in Malaysia. Some villagers also plant it on the backyard. It's suitable to plant in the tropical climate whole year round. The fruits can be pick after 45 days. It is easily ripen in the room temperature.

In Malaysia B10 is the most popular. It has the thick and fleshy ribs. Fruit hawkers sell the star fruits vary from RM2.00 to RM5.00 according to the seasons.

Star fruit can served as a fresh dessert, salad, garnish for cake, making jam, pickle, curries. Some local people like to sprink some salt on the fruit and eat. Some use the belimbing buluh to spice up the sambal (chilles paste).

The juices are so freshy and some locals believe it can dispel the sore throat. Some restaurants and local coffee shops also prepare this drinks. The price vary from RM1.50 to RM4.50.

Local people believes the star fruits has it's benifits such as: prevent and cure the toothache, cure oral cavity ulcer, lower the chances of cancer, lower cholesterol, lower blood sugar, bowel cleaning, prevent the cardiovascular diseases such as artery sclerosis and high blood pressure.

 The star fruit leaves can also relief the skin irritation and it stop the light bleeding too.

Some local people said drinking star fruit juice can help to drop the pressure to almost normal level. However should think about the oxalates in this star fruit can cause the serious antioxidant activities.

Traditional beliefs said that put the star fruit juice on the face and rub it will give a pimple free face. Dandruff and dirt will move from hair, if put some on the hair and rub them.

Some local inputs was do not consume the young star fruit and do not boil them. It will lead to other side effects. Local people mostly have little awareness about the negative side of the star fruit intake.

Do for "Normal kidney person"-----can continue to enjoy the star fruit without concern. Avoid the excessive consumption on daily basis. It is because it can be irritation for the digestive system and kidney.

Don't for the "kidney problem person" ----- Advised that do not take the star fruit for wise. Star fruit contains oxalic acid when combine with calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium to form tiny crystals with sharp edges which know as oxalates. It was known to precipitate the formation of kidney stone (calcium oxalate). All these tiny things will irritate the tissues. It will also weaken the bone.

half fruit/one fruit or 100ml/8 ounces of fruit juices can hit the kidney patients in a few hours. The concerntration of this fruit acid is dangerous for the kidney failure people cause the kidney failure to filter it.

Star fruit contains neurotoxin. it will affects the nerves and brain. The symptom such as insomnia, hiccups, agitation, muscles weakness and mental confusion. The risk is death. Already reported in many countries. No joke...there were many cases happened and some fell into coma.

Uraemic patients also advised not to touch this star fruit because will lead to bad condition.

Recently, there was a case that a Malaysian Chinese visited his son in Shenzhen, China and fell in coma after consumed the star fruit there. Actually this man has the kidney ailment and under treatment for 3 years already. It was announced by the University Malaya Medical Centre consultant Prof Dr Tan Si Yen.