Works in progress and papers under review
  • "The patent-issuing rules and economic growth: are we in a "wrong patent regime?" (with T. Haruyama)
  • Pharmaceutical patents and generic entry competition: a new view on the Hatch-Waxman Act" (with Yunyun Wan)
  • International sales of pollution permits (with Yungyun Wan)
  • The free rider problem and the duration of research joint ventures: theory and evidence from the EUREKA project (with A. Sissoko and H. Song)
  • Why are tomatoes tastier in Tokyo than in Topeka?" (with Jacques Thisse)
  • A computable approach to the dynamic and stochastic R&D competition models (with Yuka Ohno)
  • "Deporting illegal immigration"

Other academic publications

  • New developments in international trade: theoretical and empirical investigations, 2003, Kobe: Kobe University Press, (co-edited with Seiichi Katayama)
  • International capital mobility and national welfare, 1990, New York: Garland Publishing Co.
  • “Oil and the strategic development of subsistence technology” in East Asia energy markets and energy cooperation in Northeast Asia, 2000, The James A. Baker Institute, Rice University (with Yuka Ohno)
  • Book review, Paul Krugman, Geography and trade (MIT Press), International Review of Economics and Finance 1, 1992, 389-391.