G-Star RawHello Friends - Hola a Todos!

This site is a means to keep in contact with you all and to help keep you updated as to what is happening to us.
Now we can post the info once and we will be sure to get the information to all of you at the same time and without having to re-post or re-send various bits...

We will update these pages (especially Sign of Life) as often as possible - even if only to say we are still alive and not glowing in the dark ;)

Love and hugs to you all,
Adriana, Alex, Joan, Kaz & Jagger :)

Creamos este sitio para mantenerlos informados acerca de lo que esta pasando en Japón. Nos facilitara la tarea de tener que informarlos uno por uno acerca de las noticias.

Vamos a subir información tan a menudo como sea posible. Por favor, busquen datos aquí antes de solicitarlos por email!

Un abrazo a todos!

Adriana, Alex, Joan, Kaz & Jagger