How Kashmiris keep themselves warm during winter

One of the characteristic features of climate in Kashmir is its harsh winter. A thich sheet of snow covering the entire terrain of Kashmir in the middle of winter repels some from the valley but attracts many others who want to enjoy it. No other place on earth is as attractive for winter sports personel as is kashmir.  A common kashmiri is of the opinion that nature gives him only six months to earn and the rest of the time he spends his earning in tamming the atrocoties of harsh winter.
From times immorial two things have remained with kashmiris for succesful passage through winter. These are 'Kangri -a typical kashmiri firepot' and 'Phiran- a loose woolen gown' . The importance of these two things can be realized by the continous use the things are put to , even in modern times. 
 Modern gadgets used by people to keep themselves warm during chilling winters have drawn flak in Kashmir. If you happen to visit Kashmir during winter, you will find many of the shops selling gas heaters, gas geysers and electric appliances for the purpose of warmth but you will be astonished to find heavy rush on the shops selling traditional kangris. People during winter also wear heavy woolen clothes in order to keep cold winds at bay. How tasteful it is to sit indoors on a woolen carpet with a hot Kangri under your phiran and taking sips of hot salt tea when it is snowing outside.
 Gulmarg becomes the centre of tourist activity during winter in Kashmir.About 50 Kms from Srinagar and at a height of 2653 metres, it is the only place in the state for winter sports activity.Gulmarg and Khilanmarg are the skiing hot spots in Kashmir, India. Skiing here usually begins around the beginning of December and goes on till the end of March. Gulmarg has earned the distinction of being the best ski resort in the Himalayas. This resort was established in the year 1927 by two British Army officers who set up the first skiing club in Gulamarg, Kashmir. Festivals like Christmas and Easter are occasions for organized skiing races. The first National Winter Games were held in Gulmarg in the year 1998. Gulmarg has the reputation of being the highest lift-served ski resort in India. Ski lifts and chair lifts take skiiers up to the top of the ski slopes from where skiiers can choose the beginnners, intermediate or more advanced slopes.
      Woolen carpet
                          A phiran and a shawl