About the Artist

Carol Megivern 


Born and raised in the countryside of Upstate New York, Carol Megivern had the pleasure of living a childhood carefree life. She took joy in roaming the woods & fields. Laying on a grassy hill and watching the sky above and the creatures below. Hours would be spent watching a breeze rustle the leaves in the trees or how the sun played on the blades of grass.

In high school, she took art classes. And at home she painted, sewed, knitted, macramed and the list of crafts continue. But once she became a mother, the arts were put on hold (as does happen with many mothers). Ultimately, it was her daughter that inspired her to pick up the paintbrush again. The process of creating has become a vital part of her being and once again looking and noticing things in a different light.

Carol is now living in Florida with her husband, 2 children and 2 dogs. Where the cool ocean breeze rustles the sea grass and palms trees. And where she can witness the tropical storms produce an awesome sight in their majestic fury.

Her works are as varied as her life style from those two locations. From pencil to acrylics and miniature art to wall murals, she draws and paints what she sees and feels producing a variety of themes. But most of all her love for nature has spilled over into her love for painting.

Thank you for taking time out to read a bit about me.