Poor Victim

Here's a conversation we had with a poor man on a chat website(we were sexyteenbitch69):

Starting private chat with thegreatone1
     sexyteenbitch69: hey
     sexyteenbitch69: sup
     thegreatone1: hey girl how r u doin
     sexyteenbitch69: pretty good
     sexyteenbitch69: kinda horny
     thegreatone1: wat u up to
     thegreatone1: yea same here lol
     sexyteenbitch69:      just playing with myself
     thegreatone1: ya same here strokn it lol im sad to
     sexyteenbitch69: hey..... y are you sad?????
     thegreatone1: i need a girl to help me lol
     sexyteenbitch69: ok... i'll help       
     thegreatone1: tell me in details how u r goin to help me lol
     sexyteenbitch69: wellllll......!
     sexyteenbitch69: first.
     thegreatone1: wellllllllll???????
     sexyteenbitch69: i'm going to lick your cock nice and slow
     sexyteenbitch69: second.
     thegreatone1: oh yea baby
     sexyteenbitch69: i'm going to stroke you with my mouth
     thegreatone1: mmmmmmmm thats sexy
     sexyteenbitch69: when you cum i'm gonna spit it all on your hard cock
     sexyteenbitch69: finally........
     thegreatone1: mmmmmm ok baby
     sexyteenbitch69: you're gonna suck my cock
     sexyteenbitch69: i'm strokin it baby
     sexyteenbitch69: you bi?
     thegreatone1: wat??? u a man
     thegreatone1: ya
     sexyteenbitch69: yah
     thegreatone1: wanna phone sexx
     sexyteenbitch69: ya
     thegreatone1: call me
     sexyteenbitch69: watz your digits?
     thegreatone1: **********  <<(REAL PHONE NUMBER!!!!!)
     thegreatone1: calll me
     sexyteenbitch69: you don't mind a 16 year old do you?
     sexyteenbitch69: i kno it's kinda wrong, but...
     thegreatone1: na its cool call me
     thegreatone1: callll meeeeeee
     sexyteenbitch69: well, the police on on their way to council bluffs, iowa to pick you up
     sexyteenbitch69: we're with NBC dateline, we are required to tell you this
thegreatone1 has left the private chat