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Book Chapter:

  • Emerging Cost Effective Big Data Architectures. K. Ashwin Kumar. Book chapter to appear in Springer Handbook of Big Data Technologies2016. [ISBN: 978-3-319-49340-4_22]
  • SWORD: Workload-aware Data Placement and Replica Selection for Cloud Data Management Systems. K. Ashwin Kumar, Abdul Quamar, Amol Deshpande and Samir Khuller. In: VLDB Journal (Special Issue on Data-Intensive Cloud Infrastructure), 2014[doi:10.1007/s00778-014-0362-1]
  • Hybrid Approach using Case-Based Reasoning and Rule-Based Reasoning for Domain Independent Clinical Decision Support in ICU. K. A. Kumar, Y. Singh, S. Sanyal. In: Expert Systems With Applications Journal, Elsevier Publication. [doi:10.1016/j.physletb.2003.10.071]


  • Lean On Me: Mining Internet Service Dependencies From Large-Scale DNS Data. Matteo Del'Amico, Leyla Bilge, K. Ashwin Kumar,  Petros Efstathopoulos, Pierre-Antoine Vervier. ACSAC 2017. (acceptance rate: 19%) (selected as one of the best papers)
  • Efficient Routing for Cost Effective Scale-out Data Architectures. Ashwin Narayan, Vuk Markovic, Natalia Postawa, Anna King, Alejandro Morales, K. Ashwin Kumar, Petros Efstathopoulos. MASCOTS 2016.
  • WAFEL: Workload Aware Shard-Machine Assignment Framework for Large Scale-IR. in preparation
  • Optimization Techniques for ``Scaling Down'' Hadoop on Multi-Core, Shared-Memory SystemsK. Ashwin Kumar, Jonathan Gluck, Amol Deshpande and Jimmy Lin. EDBT 2014(acceptance rate: 19%) [PDF] [PPT] (recognized as one of the best papers)
  • Hone: “Scaling Down” Hadoop on Shared-Memory Systems. K. Ashwin Kumar, Jonathan Gluck, Amol Deshpande and Jimmy Lin. VLDB Demo 2013. [PDF]
  • SWORD: Scalable workload aware data placement for transactional workloads. Abdul Quamar, K. Ashwin Kumar and Amol DeshpandeEDBT 2013. (acceptance rate: 20%) [PDF]
  • Data Placement and Replica Selection for Improving Colocation in Distributed Environments K. Ashwin Kumar, Amol Deshpande and Samir Khuller. [CoRR Technical Report arXiv:1302.4168]
  • Environmental Monitoring 2.0. Sebastian Michel, Ali Salehi, Liqian Luo, Nicholas Dawes, Karl Aberer, Guillermo Barrenetxea, Mathias Bavay, Aman Kansal, K. Ashwin Kumar, Suman Nath, Marc Parlange, Stewart Tansley, Catharine van Ingen, Feng Zhao, Yongluan Zhou. ICDE Demo 2009, [PDF]
  • Sensor Metadata Management and its Application in Collaborative Environmental Research. Nicholas Dawes, K. Ashwin Kumar, Sebastian Michel, Karl Aberer, Michael Lehning. eScience 2008. [PDF]
  • Multi-Level Reputation-Based Greylisting. Andreas Janecek, Wilfried Gansterer, K. Ashwin Kumar. ARES 2008 (acceptance rate 21%, nominated for Best Paper Award) [PDF]
  • Hybrid Approach for Parallelization of Sequential Code using Block level and Function level Parallelization. K. Ashwin Kumar,  Aasish Kumar Pappu, K. Sarath Kumar, Sudip Sanyal. IEEE PARELEC '06. [PDF]

PhD Thesis:

  • Minimizing Resource Consumption through Workload Consolidation in Large-scale Distributed Data Platforms. Defended at University of Maryland, College Park  [PDF]