Artist's Statement

    Enthusiasm with art and photography led me to take many photography classes in middle school, high school, and college. After college I pursued a career in Biology and my extensive use of photo-microscopy required that I continue to develop photography skills, including digital and three-dimensional imaging. During this time I had many images published in scientific journals and thousands utilized for clinical diagnoses.

     Although my early photographic training was in the tradition of the f64 club, I am an experimentalist by nature and incorporate the use of shallow depth-of-field and slow shutter speeds at times to convey my impression of the moment. In terms of artistic inspiration and expression I am most influenced by late 18th and early 19th Century Luminist painters.

     I particularly enjoy making panoramic images because of the way they draw the viewer into the scene and convey a sense of space. I also like to explore relationships of subjects and their shadows as well as other optical phenomena.

     I work predominately near my home in Central Oregon because I find the familiarity provides a deeper connection to the landscape that expresses itself in my work. I do, however, find creating photographs in new areas to be very stimulating and provides me with a much better feel for the area than if I hadn't brought my camera.

    My purpose is to share the joy I find in the beauty that surrounds us all. I sincerely hope you enjoy my photographs.

About my Photographs

    I prefer to print, mat, and frame every photograph myself to ensure all work is done to my standards. However, due to multiple requests, I am now offering matted prints in standard sizes. The panoramic pictures are only available framed because there aren't standard sized frames available. Please contact me about availability of the piece you are interested in. Every work is signed and accompanied by a signed "Certificate of Authenticity". This certificate is attached to the back of the framed work and I ask that you leave it attached for the 1 year, no hassles, warranty.

    I desire to create joy and harmony with my art and my business. Photographs are shipped free of charge using UPS Carbon-neutral ground service. They arrive ready to hang so that you can begin enjoying your art work right away. If at any time in the first year you are not completely happy with the piece you may exchange it or return it for a full refund.

    Prints are made exclusively with Canon technology. I use a medium-format printer, archival inks, and acid-free, fine art paper. Mats and backing boards are acid-free. I frame with a pane of museum-grade UV-resistant acrylic to protect the photograph from fading. As with any photograph, prints should be hung out of direct sunlight. I use sustainably harvested, FSC certified, plain black, solid wood frames constructed by American Frame Co. in Ohio.

    I am committed to preserving the beautiful natural landscape. To this end I use high quality, energy-efficient equipment. Used ink cartridges are reused through Terracycle.com. My studio is primarily solar-powered and my web-host is wind-powered. Additionally, 3% of each sale is donated to my fund at The Nature Conservancy.