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Baten Kaitos FanSite
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March 2010

4: I can't believe Googlepages...
Their new public hosting, to say the least, is less than before.
I'll be moving my main page soon!




  • Computer Geeks Series
    Binary and Hexadecimal, the CODE school, and Saria Williams...
  • Cassandra Fiala Series
    DreamCo, the Knightmares, the Misanthropic Angels, and Cassie Fiala...
  • True Law
    Based on a Roleplay, page dedicated
    to the Novel and the Videogame...

Fan working: 

  • Open Balcony
    Leads to interesting sidenotes to some fanfiction works by me...
  • Baten Kaitos
    Site for this Namco videogame.
    Project open to colaboration from other fans... Forums here!