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Photo Gallery

Margaret River coast
2015 Cape to Cape Paddle, Margaret River region. Pic thanks to Andrew Maffett.
a well fitted fishyak
A well equiped fish yak. photo from Colin Malloy, kayak fishing forum at
kids in kayaks photo bomb wedding party
photo bomb!
swan river bream
Swan River Bream
freshwater bay
Freshwater Bay on a hot Sunday afternoon
Fitzroy River trip 2013
pictures thanks to and copyright
mike collister


Fitzroy 2013

Fitzroy River trip 2013
pictures thanks to and copyright
mike collister

Play boating

Daves Delight, Murray River. Picture thanks to Dave Worthy.

Rosita, who came all the way from Spain to have her very first kayak
Rosita and Tim, Blackwall Reach.

ord river canoe trip
                                                                    Ord River Canoe trip
Long tranquil pools on the Lower Blackwood River

Long tranquil pools on the lower Blackwood River. Photo thanks to Martin Chambers and the Canoe and Kayak Guide to Western Australia.
Sea kayaking at Lucky Bay, Esperance, Western Australia.
Sea Kayaking at Lucky bay, Esperance.

kayaking Dirk Hartog Island Shark Bay
Along the coast of Dirk Hartog Island, Shark Bay. Picture thanks to Andrew Maffett.

Canoe on the Warren River Western Australia
Landing on the western shore of Garden Island
Sea kayak Garden Island Western Australia
Filming for channel 7, on the Warren River, Deliverance Weekend.

Kayaking in Western Australia
'Why is the hair wet, Kim?

Andy Grifith
Andrew Griffiths in his speedliner

venus fishyak off Rottnest
On the Venus Fishyak, North of Rottnest, looking for the big ones.

helen and her halo
Helen and her halo


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venus fishing ski
Venus Fishing Kayak on the Swan River. Picture thanks to Spirit Paddlesports.

Other useful links

WA Canoe Association website: Use this link to find canoe and kayak clubs in WA

WA weather forecasts

Canoeing in WA, a useful site for all paddlers.

Perth Wind predictions-

River water level stations

Department of Transport, Paddlecraft safety rules

Blackwood and Warren River guides- free

Mandurah paddling guides -free

more free Paddle Trails at a free online forum for kayak fishing, camping and a whole lot more

emtering the port of Fremantle
Entering the port of Fremantle
Ibrahim, Matt
Ibrahim, Matt and Wesley at Point Walter

Martin Chambers Kayak sailing

Martin Chambers kayak sailing along the back of Garden Island.

another type of sail, Shoalwater Bay
Bruce Rhind with another kayak sail, Bird Island.

flat earth kayak sail
Hew Roberts with his Flat Earth brand kayak sail. Off Margaret River, pic thanks to Andrew Maffett.

kayaking in Western Australia
Andrew Maffett on the Swan River near North Fremantle.
kayaking in Western Australia Bathers Beach Fremantle
Mike Wood, Andrew Maffett, Martin Chambers, Kerryn Barton, Bathers Beach, Fremantle.

Elvis is not dead, he's just gone kayaking. Shoalwater Bay, Penguin Island, Weste
Mucking around on the beach at Shoalwater. Well, someone had a costume? Or was it really him? 

canoe on Nornalup Inlet, Western Australia
Andrew Jenour canoeing on Nornalup Inlet.

sea kayak along Carnac Island, Western Australia
Along the shallow reef, Carnac Island.

Mr Retro
Mr Retro, scarp pool

best pink sky
Sunset, beach camping,
Shark Bay

Three and the dog.
Three and the dog, but only one paddle.

another perfect Shaolwater day
another perfect Shoalwater day


Many thanks to Dave Worthy for these videos of the Murray River. Filmed with a helmet mounted Go Pro. October 2012.  

Tricky Dickies on the Lower Murray River 

Fast Eddy's

Dave's Delight

Upper half of Termination Rapid

Lower half of Termination

These videos of the Avon River are also thanks to Dave Worthy. 

Championships Rapid

Syds Rapid

Bells Rapid

kayaking the rapids of Collie River, Western Australia
Rapids on the Collie River. Picture thanks to Dave Worthy.

Other Videos

Avon Descent

Anaconda Adventure Race, Augusta

Sea kayak at Seal Island

Kayak sailing

Sea Lions and Dolphins and Rivergods

Chasing the big ones off Rottnest Island.

start of the Anaconda Adventure Race, Augusta
Start of the 2011 Anaconda Adventure Race, Augusta. Picture thanks to Rapid Ascent.

play boat kayaking
Lower Murray River playboating
kayaking with the dog
kayaking with the dog
chasing bream and taylor at Matilda Bay
Chasing Bream and Taylor at Matilda Bay
kayaking group instruction, Collie River

Kayaking lessons on the Collie River

racgreat southern adventure race, Albany
Kayak surfing in to finish in the Great Southern Adventure Race, Albany. Picture thanks to Rapid Ascent.

Fiona at Seal Island
Fiona at Seal Island.

kayaking at se
Snorkelling with marine mammals nearby.

sunset. port beach
autumn sunset, port beach

Calm, Shark Bay
low tide
Low Tide, Peron Peninsular
beach camp
Beach camping, Shark Bay
coastal cliffs
Red rock cliffs, Cape Peron.
lunch, Shark Bay
Lunchtime, Peron Peninsular, Shark Bay