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Spot Shrimp

Spot Shrimp are one of the tastiest treats you can harvest from the oceans in my opinion. In Seattle, I have seen them sold live for over $20 per pound! Unlike the farmed shrimp, you can eat these shrimp raw as sashimi or sushi! I LOVE and know my sushi and fresh spot shrimp is one of the best items possible raw. If you are ever at a good sushi restaurant order a pair, especially if they have the heads deep fried!!!!! Little prickly and you kinda have to get over the fact of eating something thats looking at you but they are DELICIOUS! The "shrimpiest" part of the shrimp!

Where & When
While you can harvest them in the North Gulf area (North of Seward once you leave Resurrection Bay.) But from a kayakers perspective the only viable place is Whittier. The season starts April 15 and runs through the fall.

The major problem with spot shrimp is you fish them with pots 300 to 500 feet down! So how do you carry 500 feet of rope PER POT?!?!?! My recommendation is to not use rope. Ok, so there are several ways to do it. Both have advantages and disadvantages You will have to decide for yourself. There is definitely a reason I do it my way. But i know the other way is very effective for those who can master it.

Rod and Reel Method
Here's how the well known Howard McKim does it. The key is low ratio reel and a super stiff rod. I outline my method below.

The Downrigger method
My method's huge disadvantage is you need to have a downrigger mounted on your kayak.  You can read my blog entries pondering how I went out about it.  The link is to my April Blogs.  Scroll down to see the shrimping and the process that went into setting it up.   The project was started in March but most of it can be found at this link: http://guidesak.blogspot.com/2011_04_01_archive.html

The video of the shrimping:

Some Pictures: