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Silver/Coho Salmon

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As with Kings, I target cohos in the saltwater.  In saltwater the silvers are feeding voraciously prior to heading up stream.  If you can find a school of silvers, you can literally catch them on anything when they are in a feeding frenzy.  They are the most acrobatic of the salmon.

Where & When
The best action for me has come at Seward and Valdez.  The good news is that the run in Valdez peaks after Seward, you can fish both!  Seward can be productive from July through September.  I would say the peak times are mid July through August.  I don't have much experience in Valdez but I hammered them on Labor Day in 2001 & 2013.

Whittier is the closest option from Anchorage but the action has been inconsistent over the past few years. 


Silvers, if you can locate them, are very eager to strike just about anything. Best results for me have come with the exact same set up I use for kings:  A flasher and herring.  However, I have caught them on plugs, spoons, flies, spinners, and jigs.

Typically, silvers are found close enough to the surface that i use trolling sinkers from 2oz to 6oz or a diver.  Sometimes silvers can be found deep and a downrigger would be necessary, but that is fairly rare...well never until 2012 for me at least!

If I locate a school, I stop trolling and mooch.  Mooching is much more fun than trolling as you have the rod in your hand and can feel the strike. 

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