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King/Chinook Salmon

The largest of salmon, the King is a challenge from any platform but obviously a huge challenge for kayakers.  Typically it is long hours between strikes and the difference between a great day and a bad day can be one fish.

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 Click HERE for Specific Information on the Fall/winter king fishery off the Homer Spit.!!!

Where & When
The difficulties of fishing kings in a river environment from a kayak (though it can be done) means that most of the King fishing will be in the saltwater from a kayak. While kings are available in Seward and Whittier, for reliable fishing the choice for me are Cook Inlet in the Spring time (April -June) and Homer during the fall winter periods (Oct-Mar). See my "locations" section for more detail on the specific locations.

If you have never fished the waters of Cook Inlet PLEASE read the page on those waters.  The waters off Cook Inlet are more like a river than an ocean with currents up to 5 knots. It can be done safely with minimal experience but to expand your range and fishing time, you will need to weigh several factors closely.

While there are different variations on gear, the tried and proven method is herring behind a flasher.  In Homer I run downriggers as the fishing can be from 30 ft down to 120ft.  In Cook Inlet, I often skip the downrigger and use 8 to 10oz trolling sinker or a diver as the depths tend to be shallower fishing 15 to 60 ft deep.  I use a snelled two single hook rig tied to flourocarbon leaders.

Blogs and Videos of my King battles!

Here's a video from just after hook up all the way to landing a king from a kayak.  We were rookies.  Lots of mistakes...like you have to net your own fish.  But it shows how a fish can pull you around and this was a medium sized fish.  It's a little long at 14 minutes but it seemed like an eternity when we were battling the fish! 

A few more Blog posts of Kings from a Kayak!!