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Terminal Tackle

One important lesson I learned the hard way about kayak fishing.  Something that you MUST consider when fishing is the weakest section of your line down to your lure.  If you snag bottom from a kayak, you will NOT be able to pull on the line as you could from the shore or a boat.  You just don't have the leverage or the stability to pull as hard as possible on the line straight up and down with minimal power.  That means unless you put in a weak section of line intentionally or you know another piece of gear (hooks might straighten out) will fail within your ability to pull on the line from a kayak, you will be sacrificing the entire length of your line in the water when you have to cut it off.  I hope you weren't vertically jigging in 200 ft of I was one day...arghhh.  I can break 30 pound test mono with some effort.

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