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Whittier is attractive to us who live in Anchorage as its only an hour drive from Anchorage.  I would place Whittier at the top of the list for places to try out your kayak the first few times out.  The drawback of Whittier is its not the cheapest place to go.  The tunnel costs $12 for a car.  Launch is $10.  Parking is another $10.  Then you add the fact the fishing here is very rarely as good as other locations.

BUT it's still a place for even veteran Kayak Anglers for several reasons.

  1. Spot Shrimp!!!!  The best tasting shrimp on the planet in my humble opinion. Yes, you can shrimp from a yak.
  2. Herring!!!!  "Huh?" you say?  There are a variety of reasons to fish these little critters!

Every now and then you hear of Kings being caught out of Whittier.  The state stocked some a few years back and they should be showing up here soon.  But the main draw is Coho/Silver salmon.  The runs have been inconsistent recently.  Its rumored that the hatchery switched to a earlier returning stock.  I'd monitor the local fishing forums to get an idea of the activity.

Halibut fishing can be had but is very spotty.  Close to Whittier you can catch smaller rockfish but it seems like you have to get out a little ways before you can find even the medium sized ones in my experience.