My "fishing" resume!

Thanks for stopping by the site.  My name is Rudy and I moved to Kenai in 1971! That was a long time ago!  I went K-12 and proud to say I am a Kenai Kardinal!  Go Kards!!!

Thanks to my parents and grandmother who loved to fish, I caught the bug early.  Other than 6 years studying at Cornell University where I got a B.A. in Economics and an M.B.A., a two year stint in Japan, and 4 years on the west coast of Washington state, I have called Alaska home.  

As you can tell my passion is sportfishing.  But I am also very grateful for the commercial fishing sector that provided me with income and paid for my education.  I have worked for commercial fishing processors, Alaska Community Development Quota groups, and my current position is President of small fueling operations servicing the Aleutian regions's fisheries.  So I think I bring a balanced perspective that I am sure both sport and commercial can agree is one of the most valuable renewable resources on this planet: our fish.  

There have been some who have questioned why I would give up my hard earned fishing info,  Especially my locations.  First, I don't give away all my locations.  On small bodies of water or places others have shown me, I will list the places anonymously.  But really the point is to get more people involved in fishing, kayak or not.  Without getting more folks involved, I am afraid that other interests who may not align with those of us who sport and commercial fish to push for more restirctions on accessing this great resource.  I believe the future of fishing relies on greater widespread particpation.  Not a very narrow special interest group or clique.  Yes, I suppose kayak angling is a small narrow group.  Well I guess that's what i am trying to change!!!

I first started logging my fishing in 1995 as practice for this new thing called the "world wide web".  It's interesting how you can tell when other responsibilities started taking over my life around 2002.  But I am now emerging from my self imposed dark ages of fishing and trying to embark on new and exciting things.  

I started kayak fishing in Washington 4 years ago.  I borrowed a $150 Kmart special sit on top and wouldn't ya know it, I caught fish!  Really nice black rockfish and decent ling cod off Ocean Shores and Westport.  I was hooked!!!!

2011 was a great year for kayak fishing.  2012, not so much. 2013 was a stellar year and 2014 looks like it will be even better! I hope you will check back in from time to time!!

See ya on the water!!!!