Wooden Sea Kayaks

Canterbury, New Zealand

  The Mac50, Mac50L, MacKK & Encore


The Mac50 is the most popular New Zealand designed, S&G / S&T, wooden sea kayak. It is built from plans (full size patterns) as there are no kits available.

 An Auckland built Mac50

There are two versions, the standard Mac50 and the Mac50L, a narrower version.

Plans come as a set of full size patterns, an instruction manual and a CD. The CD has a PowerPoint of a Mac50 being built plus a mass of other information.

The original Mac50 off Mosquito Bay, Abel Tasman National Park on its first trip

This was a 9 day trip with one weather bound day when the designer was allowed to paddle it for a short while!

A North Island Mac50



The Mac50L has been launched

This is a narrow (510 mm) version of the standard Mac50. It best suits someone up to about 80 kg. This still allows for the added weight of plenty of gear on multi-day trips. 

It has now been paddled for a few years and is a successful kayak. Admittedly, not a kayak for beginners but a responsive and quick boat for an experienced paddler. Despite that, the paddler below had not been in a sea kayak before. She is shown paddling on the Avon River.

Mac50L on the Avon River

The Mac50 & Mac50L on Quail Island



MacKK on its first test paddle

The Kids' Kayak (MacKK) has finally been tested. There are a few modifications to be made such as a larger cockpit opening and possibly moving the fore bulkhead forward to allow for older kids.



The Encore double Wind of Morning. Its first big trip was a circumnavigation of Vanua Levu, Fiji.

A winter trip. Off Adel Island, Abel Tasman National Park