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Medical Mission To Kawit Hailed As A Success

posted Jul 23, 2012, 8:52 PM by Tatak Kawiteno   [ updated Jul 23, 2012, 10:17 PM ]
 Monday, 08 November 2010 12:20 | Written by

First, praise be to God.  A call for a collaboration of hearts for a medical mission to Kawit was made and members of our association answered along with many of our kababayan back home and fellow Kawiteños throughout the U.S..  Led by the Paradise Valley International Medical Mission team, this year’s mission included stops in Pangasinan, Bulacan, Antipolo and Kawit.

For the township of Kawit, 1,700 patients were served.  A full day of medical consultation, dental service and prescription filling was provided to the underserved.  Optometry screening was also provided and 200 reading glasses issued to patients over the age of 45.  According to one of Kawit’s Health Center nurses, previous medical missions to Kawit were only able to serve 250 patients or less.  This past November 2nd medical mission was the first ever of this magnitude and garnished praise from the local leaders, volunteers and the patients.

A key factor to the overwhelming success of the effort was due to the many people who made various sacrifices.  In the U.S., to those who made financial donations and attended our fund-raising events and especially to those who made the trip as missionaries.  From the Kawiteños of Southern California, Dr. Eldine Banquerigo and husband, Ruel, Efren Ballestamon, Marie Bee, husband Jerry and son, Jerico (internal VP) Aguinaldo and Emilie Aguinaldo Edquid, our 2008-2010 President.  Traveling from Northern California, Nemie Guevarra and the Legaspi family of Sta Isabel, Bodgie, Girlie, Relly, Rowena and Susan, thank you for the donation of tables and volunteer time.  All the traveling missionaries donated their time and paid their own travel expenses.

Most importantly, this could not have happened without all the local support.  It is important we recognize their contributions.

  • Dr. Che del Rosario, a granddaughter of Sambile family coordinated through President elect, Dr. Ellen Santa Cruz Lee and Dr. Ester R. Paredes. Philippine Dental Association Cavite Chapter President to have other dentists during the morning.
  • Tabon Kawit Health Center:  Dr. Figueroa, Medical Director and Vicky Agco, Public Health Nurse III provides 6 healthcare workers.  The healthcare workers were dispersed to assist the doctors and filling patients’ prescriptions pharmacy.
  • Optometrist Dan Samaniego (retired), assisted by Vheets Tibayan, Kawit township parish choir member and optical technician at Samaniego Optical at Cavite City provide screening.
  • Dr. Quinni’s new acupressure laser technology treats patients who have discomfort and slight paralysis.
  • St. Mary Magdalene School, Batch of ’82 and a few of their sons & daughters coordinate the logistics in patient flow and the nurses assisted the doctors.
  • Set-up logistics were coordinated by Councilor Jenny San Miguel and wife, Ronela San Miguel.  Local Kawiteños that helped transport the chairs, tables and canopies, runner to provide drinks and other errands throughout the day.
  • Representation support from the Mayor’s office by Councilor Jerry Jarin and Alvin.  Councilor Jerry helped personally distribute the announcement signage/banner to each of the 23 barangays of Kawit.
  • Mayor Tik Aguinaldo sponsored the missionary and volunteers meals for the day.  Catering by Edna’s canteen.
  • Atty Winifred Jarin’s coordination with Governor Jonvic  Remulla sponsored the dinner celebration at the Magdalo Hall at Island Cove in Binakayan.
  • Councilor Cherry Nolasco, owner of Cherry’s Pavilion and Resort sponsors the first night stay for the medical missionaries.
  • Angelo Aguinaldo, curator of Aguinaldo Shrine, sponsors the missionaries’ breakfast and tour of the shrine.
  • Jerry,  Marie Bee & Jerico Aguinaldo sponsors the missionaries 1st night dinner at Mang Inasal.
  • Mr. Ed and Mrs. Carol Merced sponsor the 30 passenger bus for the missionaries within Kawit from 11/1 through 11/3.
  • Dr. John Ceneca and an assistant from Jancen Cosmetic s & Surgery assisted patients.  Also an owner of a Mang Inasal franchise, Dr. Ceneca extends a discount toward the missionaries’ dinner during the missionaries’ first night in Kawit.
  • Dr. Shantu Patel and Sharp Hospital’s donation of t-shirts.
  • Tony Olaes and his parents of Panamitan sponsored a luncheon for the medical missionaries at Josephine’s Restaurant and Resort on 11/3rd after the tour of the shrine.
  • Ronnie Red’s assistance on transportation service for the missionaries to go back to their respective destinations after the mission on 11/3rd.

The population of Kawit Township is approximately 78,000 within the 23 barangays.   With 1,289 patients served, it is just the tip of the iceberg.   Overall, the PVIMM mission served 4,500 underserved patients.  With God’s blessings we hope to continue this ministry and do his good works.

The rallying call for the leadership of our association for the last couple of years has been “to preserve our culture and tradition, strengthen the unity and to make a difference touching lives one person at a time”.   We have made a difference.

Many thanks to the Cavite Camera Club for donating their time and talents to photo-document the largest medical mission held in Kawit to date.  

For insight into the 4 camp medical mission by one of the missionaries, check out the article on the PVIMM website here.  Check out the photo gallery also.