2012 Kawiteno Festival

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The 38th anniversary of the Feast of Santa Maria Magdalena was held Saturday at Admiral Baker Park in San Diego.  Visitors came from all across the country and the world to take part in our two day event.  Family, friends, classmates and townmates were again rejoined in our annual celebration and Friday evening on our Karakol sa Dagat along San Diego Bay.  

The evening for the bay cruise was wonderful as we were taken along all the various sites within San Diego bay.  Our guests enjoyed the smooth waters and lively tunes to dance with our patron saint.  We were treated to a very close view of the USS Midway and a spectacular firework show just of the port rail.

Our feast day started with a mass in celebration of St. Mary Magdalene led by Bishop Arigo.  A scrumptious feast was provided by food donations from our members and of donations of roast beef and lechon.  The rest of the day was full of live entertainment  and raffle.  We'd like to thank everyone who donated food and raffle items.

The success of all of our events is due to the leadership of our association, the event committees, the volunteers and the generousity of our members.  Without your donations and membership fees, we would not be able to make our event the success we are all able to enjoy.

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Helping Others During The Holidays

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Kawitenos followed up their homeless outreach at the end of summer with donating a new mountain bike as the grand prize for the free raffle at the Gives Hope Christmas Eve outreach event..  Gus, a regular attendee of the weekly ministry outreach, was the happy winner of new bike.  It also included a new helmet, lock, air pump and safety lights.  For the complete report of the highly successful Christmas Eve event, go to the Gives Hope website at

The generous giving and servant hearts of members of our association continues to touch the lives of those less fortunate.  Let us continue this Christ-like display into the new year and make a difference in our own community.

KSC Helps With End Of Summer Celebration Outreach

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The Kawitenos of Southern California again partnered with Gives Hope Ministry in an outreach event in Chula Vista last Saturday.  Officers and members donated hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, chips, watermelon and drinks to feed close to 60 of our neighbors in need, men, women and children.  We manned the serving line and helped setup and breakdown the event which ran from 11AM to 2:30PM.  Geraldine & Gerard Abueg, daughter and son of President Gerry and wife Irene Abueg, and Andrew Edquid, son of past president, Emilie & Edward Edquid, provided the live praise and worship to lead the attendees in song to our Heavenly Father.

This particular event was an End of Summer Celebration and BBQ for Gives Hope.  Part of the celebration included games for prizes and a free raffle which included sleeping bags, battery lanterns, tarps and gift certificates.  Gives Hope Ministry hosts a "church without walls" the second and fourth Saturday each month at 11AM at the park.  The mission of the ministry is to share God's love through service to the community and ultimately help others find and follow Jesus.  It is a collaboration of Christ-followers from various churches throughout San Diego county, including Eastlake Church, the Rock Church and Jesus Is Lord Church of Chula Vista.  Gives Hope is called to bring compassion through ACTION.  Gives Hope website: http:\\

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2011 Kawiteno Fiesta

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This year marked the 37th anniversary of the Feast of Santa Maria Magdalena to be held in San Diego.  Visitors came from all across the country, from Washington state to Florida.  Family, friends, classmates and townmates were again rejoined in our annual celebration carried over from our home town of Kawit.  It was a beautiful day with the southern California sun shining and the cool breeze off San Diego Bay and the Pacific ocean. 

The day started with our mass in celebration of our patron saint which carried on to our traditional "karakol" along with our live band.  A scrumptious feast was provided by food donations from our members and of donations of roast beef and lechon.  The rest of the day was full of live entertainment, games and raffle.  We'd like to thank Dr. Toledo, DDS for his contribution of a 40" LCD HDTV as our grand prize.

The success of all of our events is due to the leadership of our association, the event committees, the volunteers and the generousity of our members.  Without your donations and membership fees, we would not be able to make our event the success we are all able to enjoy.

KSC Carolers Sharing The Reason For The Season

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Our Lovely Lady Carolers

Our caroling choir made the rounds this weekend sharing Christmas joy throughout the southbay lead by our President, Gerry Abueg and Choir Director, Zeny Ravelo.  It was a full schedule performing in 8 care homes and 5 residences over the weekend.  Our complete ensemble included guitarists Willie Cruz on Saturday and Lori Castillo on Sunday.  Jesse Balan accompanied us with his bass and percussion special effects.  Six songs were performed at each location in english, tagalog and spanish.  Although our voices may have tired, we were richly rewarded by the joy our visits produced.  This weekend, we allowed the Lord to work though us and the talents He had blessed us with to bring the great news, our Lord has come.  Joy to the World!

Thank you to all our carolers for voluteering their time and voices!

Zeny Mascardo Ravelo ( Choir Director)
Novy and Jesse Balan
Irene and Gerry Abueg
Helen and Lori Castillo
Aida Bautista
Emma Angud
Jessie and Moana Merlan
Gina Samoy
Charlie Ballestamon
Emilie and Ed Edquid
Nela San Miguel
Willie Cruz

Check out the photos on Facebook:  [here]  and watch our performance on YouTube: [O Holy Night] [Ang Pasko Ay Sumapit]

Remembering The Reason For The Season

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Maytinis - a Kawiteno tradition

Our Maytinis Celebration is a longtime Christmas tradition carried over from Kawit, Cavite.  For the 38th successive year, we had an evening full entertainment and fellowship, culminating with the reenactment of the Christmas Nativity.  No one complained of this year's warm and dry weather as this year’s celebration was once again held at the National Guard Armory in San Diego. 

The hall was festively decorated in Christmas décor crowned with handmade parols.  The youth of the Kawiteños of Southern California, constituted the parade of participants and supporting characters for the Panunuluyan.  Important figures of the Bible, shepherds, angels and the Three Kings graced the elevated stage.  This year the Virgin Mary was played by Ashley Agnes Merlan and Joseph, by Rex Afan.

Every year, our mini symphony of flutes, horns, strings and keyboard is conducted by one of Kawit’s most brightest stars, Bob Shroder, one of the founders and conductor of FASO – Filipino American Symphony Orchestra.  Bob’s love for the traditions he grew up with and unwavering support for our association along with the work and dedication of our officers, advisors, and members has help make our Maytinis celebration the success we’ve enjoyed for many years.

Our past president, Emilie Aguinaldo Edquid and Dr. Eldine Banquerigo gave a report of the recent medical mission to the Philippines, specifically in Kawit, which they both attended.  Thanks and praise were given out to all those who financially donated and to the local medical staff and volunteers who made the mission the success that it was.

Gov. Remula Visits San Diego

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Govenor Jon Vic Remulla attended a luncheon in his honor at Mira Mesa last Saturday.  Hosted by the Cavitenos of Southern California Inc. (CASCI), Gov. Remulla was honored with a letter from Congressman Bob Filner.  Many of Cavite's towns were represented by local community leaders.  The Paradise Valley International Medical Mission (PVIMM) group presented the honored guest with a letter of appreciation for his sponsoring of the gala celebration at Island Cove following the completion of the recent medical mission in Kawit, Cavite.  Govenor Remulla discussed the economic condition in Cavite, the current growth explosion and the bright future.  Gov. Remula also took time to field questions from the attendees.  We appreciate Gov. Remulla for sharing his time and his thoughts with his fellow Cavitenos here in San Diego.

Medical Mission To Kawit Hailed As A Success

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First, praise be to God.  A call for a collaboration of hearts for a medical mission to Kawit was made and members of our association answered along with many of our kababayan back home and fellow Kawiteños throughout the U.S..  Led by the Paradise Valley International Medical Mission team, this year’s mission included stops in Pangasinan, Bulacan, Antipolo and Kawit.

For the township of Kawit, 1,700 patients were served.  A full day of medical consultation, dental service and prescription filling was provided to the underserved.  Optometry screening was also provided and 200 reading glasses issued to patients over the age of 45.  According to one of Kawit’s Health Center nurses, previous medical missions to Kawit were only able to serve 250 patients or less.  This past November 2nd medical mission was the first ever of this magnitude and garnished praise from the local leaders, volunteers and the patients.

A key factor to the overwhelming success of the effort was due to the many people who made various sacrifices.  In the U.S., to those who made financial donations and attended our fund-raising events and especially to those who made the trip as missionaries.  From the Kawiteños of Southern California, Dr. Eldine Banquerigo and husband, Ruel, Efren Ballestamon, Marie Bee, husband Jerry and son, Jerico (internal VP) Aguinaldo and Emilie Aguinaldo Edquid, our 2008-2010 President.  Traveling from Northern California, Nemie Guevarra and the Legaspi family of Sta Isabel, Bodgie, Girlie, Relly, Rowena and Susan, thank you for the donation of tables and volunteer time.  All the traveling missionaries donated their time and paid their own travel expenses.

Most importantly, this could not have happened without all the local support.  It is important we recognize their contributions.

  • Dr. Che del Rosario, a granddaughter of Sambile family coordinated through President elect, Dr. Ellen Santa Cruz Lee and Dr. Ester R. Paredes. Philippine Dental Association Cavite Chapter President to have other dentists during the morning.
  • Tabon Kawit Health Center:  Dr. Figueroa, Medical Director and Vicky Agco, Public Health Nurse III provides 6 healthcare workers.  The healthcare workers were dispersed to assist the doctors and filling patients’ prescriptions pharmacy.
  • Optometrist Dan Samaniego (retired), assisted by Vheets Tibayan, Kawit township parish choir member and optical technician at Samaniego Optical at Cavite City provide screening.
  • Dr. Quinni’s new acupressure laser technology treats patients who have discomfort and slight paralysis.
  • St. Mary Magdalene School, Batch of ’82 and a few of their sons & daughters coordinate the logistics in patient flow and the nurses assisted the doctors.
  • Set-up logistics were coordinated by Councilor Jenny San Miguel and wife, Ronela San Miguel.  Local Kawiteños that helped transport the chairs, tables and canopies, runner to provide drinks and other errands throughout the day.
  • Representation support from the Mayor’s office by Councilor Jerry Jarin and Alvin.  Councilor Jerry helped personally distribute the announcement signage/banner to each of the 23 barangays of Kawit.
  • Mayor Tik Aguinaldo sponsored the missionary and volunteers meals for the day.  Catering by Edna’s canteen.
  • Atty Winifred Jarin’s coordination with Governor Jonvic  Remulla sponsored the dinner celebration at the Magdalo Hall at Island Cove in Binakayan.
  • Councilor Cherry Nolasco, owner of Cherry’s Pavilion and Resort sponsors the first night stay for the medical missionaries.
  • Angelo Aguinaldo, curator of Aguinaldo Shrine, sponsors the missionaries’ breakfast and tour of the shrine.
  • Jerry,  Marie Bee & Jerico Aguinaldo sponsors the missionaries 1st night dinner at Mang Inasal.
  • Mr. Ed and Mrs. Carol Merced sponsor the 30 passenger bus for the missionaries within Kawit from 11/1 through 11/3.
  • Dr. John Ceneca and an assistant from Jancen Cosmetic s & Surgery assisted patients.  Also an owner of a Mang Inasal franchise, Dr. Ceneca extends a discount toward the missionaries’ dinner during the missionaries’ first night in Kawit.
  • Dr. Shantu Patel and Sharp Hospital’s donation of t-shirts.
  • Tony Olaes and his parents of Panamitan sponsored a luncheon for the medical missionaries at Josephine’s Restaurant and Resort on 11/3rd after the tour of the shrine.
  • Ronnie Red’s assistance on transportation service for the missionaries to go back to their respective destinations after the mission on 11/3rd.

The population of Kawit Township is approximately 78,000 within the 23 barangays.   With 1,289 patients served, it is just the tip of the iceberg.   Overall, the PVIMM mission served 4,500 underserved patients.  With God’s blessings we hope to continue this ministry and do his good works.

The rallying call for the leadership of our association for the last couple of years has been “to preserve our culture and tradition, strengthen the unity and to make a difference touching lives one person at a time”.   We have made a difference.

Many thanks to the Cavite Camera Club for donating their time and talents to photo-document the largest medical mission held in Kawit to date.  

For insight into the 4 camp medical mission by one of the missionaries, check out the article on the PVIMM website here.  Check out the photo gallery also.

2010 Induction & Coronation Ball

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This year’s gala event was held at the Anchors Conference Center off Naval Station San Diego.  It was the 20th installation of officers for the Kawiteños of Southern California and coronation of our Miss Kawit for 2010-2012, Janelle Gerstner.   We had an opportunity to reflect back on the accomplishments for the last two years and honor those deserving individuals who service to the association is very much appreciated.  [Event Photos]  As the new administration takes the helm of our association, incoming President, Gerry Abueg has outlined his priorities.  First, continue to preserve our culture and tradition, and strengthen the unity of all Kawiteños.  Second, obtain non-profit status for the association. Third, increase KSC budget through multiple fund raising and minimizing unnecessary spending. Fourth, reach out to those underserved Kawiteños in the US and the Philippines.

We look forward to the challenges ahead.  With the leadership of our new administration we can continue meet our goals and grow our association into the future.

FASO Benefit Concert Highlights Posted

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It was another near-flawless performance from the Filipino-American Symphony Orchestra last Saturday night at the Rock Church in Point Loma.  I am certain all of our fellow Kawitenos who attended would atest to the professional quality of music produced. Not only did our own, Bob Shroder masterfully conduct the 65 member orchestra, but performed a beautiful flute solo which garnered the first of three standing ovations for the night. 

Although most of the audience seemed to be Kawiteno, I know for certain there were many more who missed this

opportunity to be part of history, to witness the first performance of FASO outside of their home of L.A. county.  You could feel the energy pulsating throughout the auditorium during their performance of the theme from Mission Impossible, the James Bond medley, the theme from Superman, and scores from Star Wars. Then, with the violin solo from Kawiteno, Justina Nadal of the tango from Scent of a Woman, magnificent! 

Accompanying the orchestra were up and coming vocalist, Edsel Sotiangco, tenor Pete Avendano and veteran soprano Kit Navarro.  Edsel did a wonderful rendition of Somewhere over the Rainbow, May Bukas Pa and Tanging Yaman. 

CEO of Operation Samanhan, Joel San Juan, promised to bring FASO back to the San Diego area in the future to the delight of audience.  As Kawitenos, we should take pride in what these kababayan have accomplished and make it our duty to support their endeavors and future events to show all of California and the rest of the U.S., the depth of Filipino talent and artistry which can be achieved.

Deserving accollades to Bob Shroder from one of San Diego's most respected Filipino community leaders, Mrs. Aurora Soriano Cudal:

"As a former professor of the Humanities at Philippine Christian University, I can't help but comment on the performance of the first Filipino American Symphony Orchestra at the Rock Auditorium last night. I've never been so proud as a Filipino listening to a full orchestra with Maestro Bob Shroder, from Cavite, Philippines and a graduate of the University of the Philippines Conservatory of Music, as the Musical Director. I've known Robert Shroder since he came to the USA in 1993 and as a member of the University of the Philippines Alumni Association in San Diego. I am so happy for him for at last he has found his niche in the music world. I talked with him after the performance. I gave him a very warm hug to express my great appreciation for being able to put together a group of professional and non-professional musicians whose common denominator is their love for music and their pride in their own cultural heritage. How did you do it, Bob? I asked. He credits the support given by the publishers of the Los Angeles-based Asian Journal, Roger and Cora Oriel and the Balikbayan magazine editor, Lito Ocampo Curz and the dedication and commitment of the musicians themselves such as Andy Tecson and Angelito Molina who were instrumental in making the dream of having a world class symphony orchestra come true. According to Bob, the members of the orchestra are pursuing their respective careers in various fields, but they take time at least once a week to practice. I am so enthused by the coming together of awesome musical talents to give beautiful renditions of musical themes from old-time Filipino and American movie favorites from Over the Rainbow to Ang Maya. As the program says, FASO is a celebration of Filipino ingenuity, artistry and love of country. I'm glad I was there to be part of music history in San Diego and listen to the first performance of the first FilAm Symphony Orchestra for the first health clinic organized by the Filipino American Community in San Diego! More power to FASO"

Performance Videos:

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