About Us

Our History

It was June 9, 1974 when Mr. Gabe Jamanila organized a simple potluck picnic at Admiral Baker’s Field for all the Kawiteños here in San Diego.  It was a big success and at the same time he learned from his wife, Priscilla that Mrs. Aning Cruz was going to visit her family in the Philippines, in time for the celebration of our Town Fiesta, July 22, 1974.

Due to unforeseen circumstances that happened with Mrs. Aning Cruz, she had to cancel her trip to the Philippines.  She asked Mr. & Mrs. Gabe Jamanila to have another potluck to celebrate our own town fiesta in San Diego.  Mr. Gabe Jamanila promised Mrs. Cruz that he will get in touch with their fellow Kawiteños around California and in other cities in the country.  In the Philippines, Kawit Town Fiesta is always celebrated on the 22nd of July.  In 1974, 22nd of July fell on Monday so they decided to have this celebration on the 21st of July.

From then on it has been a success every year.  The attendance has grown by the hundreds.  Kawit Town Fiesta became known to every Kawiteños in the United States.  It has become a memorable occasion where our young generations can learn our cultures and traditions of their heritage.  With this celebration, all the Kawiteños always have a chance to renew old acquaintances, acquire new friends and honor their patron saint, Saint Mary Magdalene.  As we all say, although the Kawiteños are away from their native land, Saint Mary Magdalene is never forgotten and always stays in their heart, mind and soul.

The Kawiteños also want their children to know how we celebrate Christmas in Kawit, so they also celebrate their “Maytinis” in San Diego.  They dramatize the part where Mary & Joseph were looking for a place to stay and they end in the stable that is well made by the Kawiteños

The Kawiteños started with a few families then; now the Kawiteños is one of the recognized Filipino organizations in San Diego.

Thanks to our founders, Aning Cruz, Precy Jamanila and Gabriel Jamanila who are now with our Blessed Lord in Heaven.

President                             Gerry Abueg
Vice-President, External    Arnold Alonzo
Vice-President, Internal    Gary Jaminal
Secretary                             Moana Merlan    
Treasurer                            Chris Alonzo
Assist-Treasurer                Jerico Aquinaldo
Auditor                                 Chuck Ursua
Chariman P.R.O.               Ashley Merlan
San Diego P.R.O.              Danny Samoy    
O.C. P.R.O.                          Archie Monzon
L.A. P.R.O.                           Erwin Quioco    
Riverside P.R.O.                Irene Abueg
Norcal Liason                    Lisa Bagnas
Miss Kawit                          Janelle Gerstner    

Board of Directors

Emilie Aguinaldo Edquid, Chairman
Robert Arigo
Charlie Ballestamon
Efren Ballestamon
Aida Bautista
Polly Ordonez
Ruben Ravelo
Asnor Santonil
Lorraine Vales


Grace Arigo
Emma Angud
Jun Bautista
Vickie Cabrera
Jessie Merlan
Pia Samaniego
Gina Samoy
Bob Shroder
Marissa Toledo