Vasa Pics!
Here are some pics that show the many changes that Vasa's go through.......

Breeding season: Male Vasa's have a Hemi-penis

This hemi-penis further expands and opens up to the size of their head. In the center there will be a tube sticking out about 3 inches. These next pics are about half the full size, the 3rd and 4th ones are full size...…    


Vasa's Cere and Beak change color throughout the year from white to dark grey.

 Vasa's feathers can change color from grey to brown without moulting. (look at Eve's head) Both Males and females go though this change, although this change is most evident in the females.


 Vasa Females lose the head feathers during breeding season and their skin and sometimes feet turn yellow. Vasa Males may or may not lose head feathers, and their skin may or may not turn yellow.

(Harold and Maude, look how dark Harold cere is!)


(Eve, Male, with head feather loss)


 (Eve,Male, with yellow skin underneath his chin)