Vasa Diet

Food Group Percentages

Fruits and veggies….50%



Pellets….. 10%


Vasa Head Hunting

Vasa diets do not differ that much from other parrots but those differences are very important. Vasa do not do well on a strict pellet diet. Nor do they do well on an all seed diet. Vasa’s tend to benefit from a mostly fresh diet, with fruits being at the for front. Protein also plays a significant role in their mental and physical health. It should also be noted that the nutritional needs of vasa change through out the year. While this is actualy true for most parrots, these feeding practices are typically reserved for breeding birds. However over the years I have found that for the vasa, whether breeding or not these dietary changes should still be followed. Diversity will be very important when creating a nutrition plan for vasa’s. Each of the following sections provides an overview of the diet that Eve is on.