Interesting Facts About Vasa's 

The oldest vasa on record was acquired in 1834 and lived for 50 years in the London zoo

Female Vasas will whistle to their chicks to calm them down, in captivity whistling to a scared vasa will also make them feel safe and secure.

Female vasa's will fake sex in order to solicit food from the males.

Approximately 800 vasa parrots were exported out of Madagascar in the late 80’s right before the parrot ban. Sadly not much was known about vasa’s than. When the males cloaca would become extroverted for breeding, vets at that time assumed that the birds were suffering from prolapsed a cloaca and would try to do surgery to correct the problem. This resulted in the death of many vasa parrot making their numbers in captivity very low.

Vasas are avid bathers! Not only do the love water and will splash around in a kiddie pool, they take dirt bathes, and can be seen lying on their backs with wings outstretched in an effort to sun bath.

During full moons vasa can be seen flying at night, and will also whistle in the dark.

White or albino Vasa were imported as well, but they were not true albinos, rather they were suffering from PBFD. Vasa’s suffering from PBFD develop white feathers.

Wild vasa's nest in Baobab trees.