Eve's Fellow Vasa Friends

   New video's of Eve!!!

Eve playing!!!

Eve getting his nails trimmed

Vinnie the Vasa, 11 month old male greater western vasa.




Vinnie Videos!!!!!

 Working With Vinnie....so smart! 


Aneres at 12 weeks












Harold and Maude, greater western vasas and a pair

Just Maude

Asia (female), Ronin, and Murphy all greater western vasa's 





   Asia (4-22-07)   Miekka (4-20-07)  

and Aneres (5-17-08).


Aunka 11 month old femal greater western vasa


Belows are some video's of Keely a lesser vasa female. 

1st. Video of Keely!

2nd Video of Keely!

Keely Sings!!!!!!

 Keely's First Movie!!!!!