Breeding Information

 Quick Chick Notes:

  • Eggs hatch in 18 days
  • Chicks fledge in 7 - 10 weeks, (10 week if eggs are incubated, 7 for wild vasa's)
  • Baby vasa's are born naked with no down
  • In the wild Each baby is likely to have a different father but the whole clutch will have the same mother.
  • Vasa's are born with hard beaks much like cockatoos. (this is unique to keas, vasa's, and cockatoo's)
  • Vasa's are born with large round feeding pads located on the top mandible that disappear as the get older.
  • Baby vasa's have incredibly large crops and will eat 3 times as much as a greenwing macaw their own age. 


   Quick Breeding Notes......

  • Breeding system: Cooperative   Simultaneous Polyandry
  • Breeding season:                       
  •     February-June
  • Clutch size:   2-3 Eggs

In order to understand the complex nature of the Vasa’s breeding system I have divided it into to two different sections. Breeding system, and breeding behavior. You might want to grab a cup of coffee and plan on staying for a while as the following is lengthy but enjoyable and well worth it. 

Breeding System           Breeding Behavior


Large round feeding pads found on the upper beak on vasa chicks.

 (References to the above info is given upon request)