Club Membership and Joining Information

 What's Kawa Dolphins Swimming Club all about?
We are a family orientated amateur swimming club with the emphasis on learning to swim through fun and enjoyment in the water. We are all just ordinary everyday working people who volunteer their time.

Who is it for?
Absolutely everyone and anyone of any age and ability who wants to learn to swim and/or develop good technique. Typically parents bring their younger children to learn to swim but currently we have a range of ages from 4 to 16 coming along to improve their style and technique.

So how far do you want to go with your swimming?
You can take yourself or your child as far as you want to go. Basic survival skills in the water through learning how to swim may be all you want to achieve. If you want to aim for competitive swimming we can help there too. Those who want to learn to swim well and who find they have a talent in that area can go on as far as they want because our coaches are qualified to teach adults to recognised national standards.

Club Times (Moana Pool):
For 4-6 year-olds - Saturdays
5pm-6pm (in the learners pool for water confidence and learning to float)
For 7 years and upwards Saturdays
6-7pm (general swimming classes in the main pool for all levels)

Club Joining Fees:
These are nominal to basically cover the cost of hiring the facilities. We are definitely non-profit. Our financial year runs from the 1st of August to the end of July. Present fees for a year are $48 or $72 for competition swimming.

Other Costs:
$3.00 entry fee payable at the Moana Pool complex for non-members.
Club members are issued a Club ID Card. When presented at the desk entry fee is reduced to $2.50 during Club times.
Costs associated with optional Club activities (e.g. introductory scuba diving is $20)

Club Officials at the pool:
If you would like to talk to one of us at poolside no doubt the wonderful Moana pool staff will point our club supervisors out to you. Typically you will find Steve, Timothy, Dwight, Rowan & Cam representing our club or various parents who have come along to help out..

People with the time and ability to help at any level of club activity are especially welcome. We are all just ordinary people helping each other voluntarily and our everyday lives do conflict with Club activities on occasions. So you may be asked to fill a gap now and then for example to press a stopwatch to time your child swimming the length of the pool. We have a good bunch of Mum's and Dads and between us all we do a pretty good job.

What's the Best About Us?

- Learn to swim -
- Family fun nights -
- Enjoy the water -
- Meet new friends -
 Water safety skills
- Kayaking -

Underwater Hockey
- Flippa Ball -
- Game nights -