KMM - Kavanagh Manufacture Manager



KMM is a software to manage and plan item manufacture for the EVE-Online MMO game.

It allows you to store and plan all building parameters based on skills and materials.

The software is currently in beta stage and all feedback is welcome.

Downloads are located here

Check the system development and bug tracking at:




 I'm proud to annouce that the KMM - Kavanagh Manufacture Manager version 1.0 is ready.

2 months have passed since Beta 2, some bugs were corrected and internal libraries updated delaying this version.

It was not a bad thing since this version already have the latest T1 items from Revelations (Kali)

The Tier3 BS's , Tier2 BC's and the new modules are all here.

Some issues have not been added and are planned for a future version.. as well as T2 items and the new rigs.

I hope you all enjoy this and leave feedback on the website

You can download the application in Downloads section. A mirror in EVE-Files has been set.

Azrael Kavanagh



Second beta release and final candidate. Thanks for all feedback and issues sent via development website. Most of the requested features has been implemented and bugs solved. Thanks for everyone that is helping out. In next versions we will have a nice documentation that is been worked out by Bill Keesing

You can donwnload the application in Downloads section. A mirror in EVE-Files has been set.

Dont forget to check the changelog.txt, it contains all features and bugs from the last version.

Thanks for all support and keep in touch. This app is made for you all.

Carlos Eduardo -(Azrael Kavanagh)


First Beta release, in an almost finished state the application has been released and the file is available for download. Enjoy it and report all bugs and feature requests in the KMM Development page, you can go there using the link in the right column.

I´m really happy with this release because it merged a lot of learning and all my effort was directed to the user satisfaction. Now i will start working in the help, bugs and fine tune the interface.

You can contact me via email or ingame, enjoy the app!

Ps. I need some icons for the internal toolbar and a nice logo, if you are an artist and want to contribute contact me, all references to your name will be present in the application.


The website is online and all project files are in Google code. Until now all development was tracked offline.

I need a nice logo and toolbar icons for the application, for more information check the screenshots. The icons are the ones on top of the main window.


 Already implemented

  • Mineral Stocks and buy prices
  • Item production
  • Capital ships construction
  • Item production history
  • Assets and stocks
  • Sales tracking 
  • Character skills tracking
  • Character skills XML import

Not yet implemented

  • General costs tracking (Broker fees, etc)



Here follows some screenshots from the application that can be downloaded from our repository or from a packed installer.

 Mineral stocks and costs window.


 Item production window


 Capital ships construction


 Item assets and character skills windows


Sales Tracking



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