Kaufman Wind

    New Renovations to Kaufman Hall are all proposed to serve a particular function and purpose. The primary goal of the project is to allow the building to serve as a learning center. All alternative and green devices and systems designed for Kaufman are to be as practical in their uses as possible. The idea is to allow the working elements to be functional and not simply designer. It was the goal of the architects and members of Environmental Studies department staff to make the building as interactive as possible
    The main objective of our particular research study and project
was to determine whether installing a wind turbine atop the soon-to-be-newly renovated Kaufman Hall would be feasible. The mutual goal is to not only have sustainable practices and green energy at work, but also to have the means for monitoring these advancements. The building itself is to be as much a part of the curriculum and learning process for students as the classes themselves. For that reason we want to make sure that a wind turbine will produce the proper amount of energy to be worth the upfront costs. Fixtures like a wind turbine on Kaufman are to be as practical as possible and not simply to fulfill an aesthetic value. Our goal is to answer the question as to whether it is practical and feasible to generate energy using wind from the top of Kaufman Hall?

Industrial sized wind turbines. (http://thefutureofthings.com/upload/items_icons/Repower-5M-wind-turbine_large.jpg 2008).

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1.      Wind data: Collected from the top of Tome Hall, a short distance away from Kaufman Hall.
2.      Background information on how wind turbines work.
3.      Recommendations for purchasing anemometers for further monitoring directly on top of Kaufman.
4.      Potential monitoring curriculum for students.
5.      Best potential wind turbines suitable for Kaufman.
6.      Life cycle analysis and return on investment (ROI) analysis of wind turbines.
7.      Final recommendations.                                                                                                                

Front View of Kaufman Hall. (http://www.dickinson.edu/about/maps/customshow.cfm?BID=36 2009).

Kaufman Renovations

This is a short presentation of some of the proposed renovations to Kaufman Hall. (Board of Trustees proposal presentation 2008).

 For more information on the architects of this and other projects at Dickinson visit, http://www.rhoadssiegelarchitects.com/

Air Breeze Residential Turbine

This video shows one of the small residential wind turbines we have proposed as a potential for installation on Kaufman.