Website and Building Blueprints

Website Blueprint 




Building Blueprint:  Goals of the new renovation of Kaufman Hall


To renovate the image of the site and the building in a way that communicates a commitment to sustainability as a permanent home for Environmental Studies, Geology, and the Center for Environmental and Sustainable Education.



Renovation projects designed for sustainability1

  • Reducing carbon footprint by introducing new landscaping and generation of energy through solar photovoltaic cells and wind turbines;
  • Minimizing the amount of on-site parking, eliminating turf and replacing it with indigenous plants, and replacing existing asphalt with multiple pervious materials including pervious concrete, pervious asphalt, and open joint paving;
  • Continuing the effort to clean up the brownfield site;
  • Mitigating stormwater runoff from both the roof and the ground plane, by collecting roof water and using as grey water, by introducting bioswales and rain gardens, and by the use of pervious paving materials
  • Exploiting opportunities to include teaching/educational demonstration projects that speak to both departmental needs as well as broader community issues;
  • Providing a hierarchy of differently-scaled outdoor social and meeting spaces -- all landscaped and hardscaped with the idea of creating a broad spectrum of educational opportunities;
  • Implementing a parking policy that recognizes the importance of car-pooling as well as charging stations for electric/hybrid vehicles and bike storage racks;
  • Daylighting interior rooms through skylights and light tubes. 










1.  All of this information is from Dusty Rhoades, Rhoades-Siegel Architects, Inc.,  personal communication, March, 2009.