This website is the final product of a research project for the Environmental Studies Senior Seminar at Dickinson College in Spring 2009.  Proposed renovations to Kaufman Hall, the current Environmental Studies, Geology, and Psychology building include the addition of a green roof.  The plans also include spaces for green roof research plots.  This project investigates green roof technologies and research techniques in order to provide a basis for the future research projects.                                          

           Background information on green roofs lays the foundation for the exploration of green roofing technologies.  Current research projects are summarized to provide information on what is already being done in the realm of green roof research.  A synthesis of this information allows for recommendations to be made about future green roof research projects at Dickinson, both on the Kaufman roof and in greenhouses at the College Farm.  Sample study designs are presented, as well as other suggestions concerning collaboration possibilities and funding sources.
last updated May 4, 2009