About the project

In 2008, the University of Hawaii Department of Urban & Regional Planning (UH DURP) completed a pilot study for the State the Land Use Commission on the designation of Important Agricultural Lands (IALs) using the framework from Act 183, SLH 2005. The pilot study examined legislation relating to IAL, gathered data and developed a method for identifying IALs, focusing on the Koloa

Poipu District on Kauai. The study included both an urban growth model as well as alternative policy scenarios.

Fulfilling the legislative mandate in Act 183, the County of Kauai subsequently approved funding to contract with UH DURP to identify IALs county

wide. The purpose of this study is to assist the County of Kauai in identifying important agricultural lands. The study will involve a series of Stakeholder/Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) meetings as well as general public meetings. UH DURP and UHERO will work with the County of Kauai Planning Department to:
• Work with the Kauai community
• Refine methods developed during the pilot study
• Examine legislative criteria
• Identify Important Agricultural Lands
Donna L.,
Dec 14, 2009, 11:25 PM