Kau Hawaii Agriculture Project
Land and Residence For Sale on the Big Island of Hawaii



Known affectionately as the "BIG ISLAND" by some and the "ORCHID ISLE" by others, Hawaii is the largest of the Hawaiian chain. The island contains well over half of all the land in the State of Hawaii covering in excess of 4,000 square miles and is called home by 20% of the Hawaiian population.

Enchanting, tropical and diverse. The Big Island has two major cities: Kona on the west and Hilo on the east side. Distance between the two cities is over 125 miles.

In addition to having a nearly perfect tropical climate, there is lots to do in Hawaii. With two major dormant volcanos, Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea, there are numerous coastal destinations and unlimited numbers of recreational opportunities including beach time, snorkeling, scuba diving (some of the finest are located on Hawaii), there is golfing, fishing, turtle and whale watching to name a few. Imagine skiing on Mauna Kea in the morning during the Northern Hemisphere winter months and warming up at the beach in the afternoon.

Add to all this, an opportunity to own your own estate size parcel with deep well water provided and you can build your own tropical dream home in the land of enchantment.

Parcels of land range in size from approximately 6 to 12 acres with a majority in the six acre range. By looking at the map, you can view the layout and price per parcel.

What are your economic opportunities of owning land in Hawaii?

First, a great long-term investment in Hawaiian land. And secondly, it provides a year-around climate such that anyone with a desire to grow plants could easily produce a complete line of fresh vegetables or flowers for local farmer markets, natural food stores and larger retail markets in Hilo and Kona. Consumers are quick to purchase Island-grown fresh produce because most vegetables come in from the mainland and are at least a week to ten days old. By the time it reaches the store shelf, the produce is tired. For the more ambitious, the upscale hotels on the western seashore would quickly purchase locally grown, fresh produce.

Currently there is an established presence for this farm's produce at the farmer markets in the towns of Naalehu and Volcano. Additionally, produce is regularly supplied to two Hilo whole food stores as well as one located in Hawaiian Ocean View Estates.  There is unlimited potential to grow your business by selling products to the many hotels, resorts, and major retail grocery store chains such as: Safeway, KTA Superstores, and Foodland Sack 'n Save.

Developing your own coffee plantation would be another option. The Kau District is rated as one of the top three coffee flavors in a recent international cupping contest. Coffee grows extremely well with supplemental water producing excellent tonnage. There are roasting mills that purchase coffee beans from farmers and sell to the wholesale-retail trade. And coffee provides some excellent tax advantages as you wait for production to begin. Kau Coffee Growers Cooperative supports local growers of this unique product.

Added Features:

Zoned Agricultural
  • Unlimited and Unobstructed Ocean Views
  • Private and Secluded
  • Paved Roads
  • Excellent Well Water to Each Parcel
  • 2,000,000 gallon irrigation reservoir
  • Surrounded by Bishop Estate Forest
  • Elevation: 1200 to 1800 feet
  • Daytime Temperatures: 75-85 degrees
  • Nighttime Temperatures 55-65 degrees