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Refereed Journals

  • 22. Roodenko K., Liao P. K., Lan D., Clark K. P., Fraser E. D. et al.
"Correlating optical infrared and electronic properties of low tellurium doped GaSb bulk crystals "

            J. Appl. Phys
119, 135701 (2016)

  • 21. Roodenko K., Liao P. K., Clark K. P., Fraser E. D. et al.
"Infrared optical and electronic properties in low tellurium doped GaSb substrates for SLS FPA applications "

            Proc. SPIE  9854 (2016)

  • 20. Roodenko K., Goldthorpe I. A., McIntyre P. C., Chabal Y. J.
"Modified Phonon confinement model for Raman spectroscopy of nanostructured materials"

            Phys. Rev. B 82:115210  (2010)

  • 19. Roodenko K., Yang F., Hunger R., Esser N., Hinrichs K., Rappich J.
"Passivation of Si(111) surfaces with electrochemically grafted thin organic films"

            Surface Science 604:1623 (2010)

  • 18. Krämer M., Roodenko K., Pollakowski B, Hinrichs K., Rappich J., Esser N., von Bohlen A., Hergenröder R.
"Combined ellipsometry and X-ray related techniques for studies of ultrathin organic nanocomposite films"

            Thin Solid Films 518:5509 (2010)

  • 17. Park S. K., Roodenko K., Chabal Y. J., Wielunski L., Kanjolia R., Anthis J., Odedra R., Boag N.
"Atomic Layer Deposition of Ruthenium Films on Hydrogen terminated Silicon",

          MRS Proceedings 1156-D04-02 (2009)

  • 16. Yang F., Hunger R., Roodenko K., Hinrichs K., Rademanh K., Rappich J.
"Vibrational and electronic characterization of ethynyl derivatives grafted onto hydrogenated Si(111) surfaces",

          Langmuir 25:9313 (2009)

  •  15. Roodenko K., Rappich J., Yang F., Zhang X., Esser N., Hinrichs K.                                                                                                                               

"Anisotropy in hydrogen passivated and organically modified nanoporous silicon surfaces studied by polarization dependent IR spectroscopy",  

         Langmuir 25:1445 (2009)


  • 14. Wenmackers S., Pop S., Roodenko K., Vermeeren V., Williams O., Daenen M., Douheret O., D'Haen J., Hardy A., Van Bael M, Hinrichs K., Cobet Ch., vandeVen M., Ameloot M., Haenen K., Michiels L., Esser N., Wagner P.

"Structural and optical properties of DNA layers covalently attached to diamond surfaces",    

       Langmuir 24:7269 (2008)

  • 13. Hinrichs K., Roodenko K., Rappich J.
"In situ monitoring of the etching of thin silicon oxide films in diluted NH4F by IR ellipsometry",

          Electrochem. Commun. 10:315 (2008)

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"Ultrathin responsive polyelectrolyte brushes studied by infrared synchrotron mapping ellipsometry",

        Appl. Phys. Lett. 92:103102 (2008) 

  • 11. Hinrichs K., Roeseler A., Roodenko K., Rappich J.

"Surface enhanced infrared absorption: Infrared ellipsometry of Au evaporated ultrathin organic films",

          Appl. Spectrosc. 62:121 (2008)


  • 10. Roodenko K., Rappich J., Gensch M., Esser N., Hinrichs K.

“Studies of electrochemically grafted thin organic layers on inorganic surfaces with infrared spectroscopic ellipsometry"                           

          Appl. Phys. A - Material Science and Processing, 90:175 (2008)

  • 9. Roodenko K., Gensch M., Rappich J., Hinrichs K., Esser N., Hunger R.

"Time-resolved synchrotron XPS monitoring of irradiation-induced nitrobenzene reduction for chemical lithography"

       J. Phys. Chem. B 111:7541 (2007)

  • 8. Yang F, Roodenko K, Hinrichs K, Rappich J.

"Electronic and surface properties during etch-back of anodic oxides on Si(111) surfaces in 40% NH4F solution"

       J. Micromech. Microeng. 17:S56 (2007)


  • 7. Guell A.G., Roodenko K., Yang F., Hinrichs K., Gensch M., Sanz F.,Rappich J.

“Interface properties and passivation of p-Si(111) surfaces by electrochemical organic layer deposition”,


      Mater. Sci. and Eng. B 134:273 (2006)


  • 6. Roodenko K., Gensch M., Heise H.M., Schade U., Esser N., Hinrichs K.

“Influences of thick film inhomogeneities on the ellipsometric parameters”,      


        Infrared Phys. and Technol. 49:39 (2006)


  • 5. Rappich J., Merson A., Roodenko K., Dittrich Th., Gensch M., Hinrichs K., Shapira Y.

Electronic properties of Si surfaces and side reactions during electrochemical grafting of phenyl layers”,                                                                                                                                        

      J. Phys. Chem. B 110:1332 (2006)


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  • 1. Rave E., Roodenko K., Katzir A.

"Infrared photonic crystal fiber", 

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