My gallery of paintings, always growing, check often!
Click on the images below to view each mini gallery. They are broken up into periods of my life.
This year has seen me return to art, after a break of a few years to have my son and get the hang of a child, im feeling the artistic urges coming back.
Year of 2011

I think im moving onto more an Australian landscape influence! Im actually thinking more about politics, romance, love, humanity which are starting to show in my art.
Year 2008

As an artist it doesnt matter if you paint or do scultpure or any other artform, to make art its all about reaching the point where you want to express yourself. I extend my style and methods to different areas as well, to explore and express the feelings of being an artsit. I now choose the strongest method in order to express the thoughts.!

These paintings were done over the winter of 2007, its another winter, and I spent so much time in my studio and put so much energy and emotions into these paintings. I want them to have life!
Summer 2007, ahh summer, a crazy time of beach, parties and painting, these are different and have a new feel.

These painting were done over the winter of 2006, it was cold and i was just begining to explore my creative side.

 This gallery is reserved for some other works that I have aquired and want to share with you.