Exhibition @ Genesis in the hills
Katy Jiang Art Exhibition

Katy shows her art in scenic Roleystone... again !

April 2012
Genesis in the hills

More details to follow, or contact Katy or Genesis, or watch for an article in Valley Reporter or Roleystone Courier


About Katy:

Katy Jiang is a Chinese born, Australian resident who has been a professional painter for a number of years. She has shown works in a number of exhibitions and galleries in both China and Australia. Katy paints using a number of techniques and has not restricted herself to any one genre or style. Her pieces range from abstract portrait to impressionistic Australian landscape. Her works can be highly colorful, or moodily dark, invoking thoughts of mystery and intrigue or lighthearted spiritualism.

"It gives me energy, sets me free, let me explore, and more importantly, it makes me feel so much alive in this life. That 'It' is art!" says Katy.