I am an energetic and passionate social media guru with extensive work and personal experience in using tools of the online social web, including blogs, podcasts, and social networks.
After landing an International Account Management position at a gaming company in late 2006, I was excited to be given an additional job title of Marketing Development Specialist. The gaming industry introduced me to the world of blogs and social networking for the purpose of creating product and brand awareness. Using networking websites as marketing and advertising platforms helped increase sales and company visibility on an international scale. Not only did I begin to make a great number of sales, but I found new friends and business opportunities as well. I've been a fan of social networking sites like MySpace, Friendster and Facebook for several years and was excited about the opportunity to blend an interest of mine with a career.
I moved from the San Francisco Bay Area to Seattle in December of 2006. Moving to a new state alone, finding a new job, and making new friends seemed like a daunting task. After creating meet-ups through online outlets and organizing and hosting BBQs and various events to make friends, I established a new life for myself here in Seattle. The experience was so unique and fun that I decided to start a blog about my life in Seattle. It combines my love of storytelling with my love of dining out, trying new restaurants, and supporting local businesses in the area. Linked up to my Yelp.com website, my blog is a great way for me to talk about my new start in Seattle and all of the things I've discovered about the city in the three years of living here.
Although much of my home & work life is centered around social media, local events, and general real-life socializing, some of my other passions include international travel, language, music, and photography.