Katonah Paranormal's "Monteverde at Oldstone" Investigation Summary

Monteverde at Oldstone is a private catering and banquet facility located in Cortlandt Manor in Westchester County New York.  The house was originally built by Pierre Van Courtlandt in 1760.  Katonah Paranormal conducted an investigation of the house on 31 July 2012.  

After being greeted by the owners of Monteverde, we shared our precognitive impressions then proceeded to walk the grounds.  Kathy looked up at the front of the house and commented that she saw a woman looking out from a second floor bedroom window.  The owners later confirmed that this is the same window that a guest had seen a woman looking from.  As we moved toward the back of the house, Kathy observed a figure of a person walking inside of the building near the bar area.  The owner assured us that there was no one in the house at the time.  

We entered the manor house through the front door and were given a tour of the building.  On the first floor, Kathy and Karen both commented on various areas of the house where it felt as if the structure had been modified over time.  This was confirmed by our guide.  Barry felt a buzzing and pressure in his head on the first floor near the bar area.  Karen was drawn to a room on the side of the house facing river.  She kept opening the curtain in this room and looking toward the Southern end of the Hudson River, as though waiting for someone important to return home.  Karen felt that this was directly connected to her precognitive impression of a man who died at sea.  See the "Precognitive Impressions" section for confirmation of this impression.  

In the basement, Kathy once again felt that there was more to the structure than meets the eye, such as a tunnel or a hidden room.  It was later confirmed that a tunnel most likely led from the basement to an outbuilding.  Barry commented that he wouldn't be surprised if people felt spirits in the basement.  It was later confirmed that workers had reported activity in the basement area.  

We made our way to the second floor.  A motion sensor and a vibration sensor were set up in the hallway.  Initially, neither of these devices were activated by spirits - but this would change later in the investigation!  After exploring the attic, an EVP session was conducted in the front bedroom, and another in the "Spa Room".  The Spa Room had an odd feel to it, as if it were used as a sick ward at one time.  The owners agreed that it was not a comfortable room to work in, as the atmosphere was heavy and depressing.  Since the room had such a strong feeling to it, we decided to put the motion sensor in the Spa Room and to shut the door.  Thirty seconds after closing the door, the motion sensor in the empty Spa Room went off.   Over the next 25 minutes, the sensor would go off a total of 15 times.  It was clear that the chimes were answering questions posed by the owners of the facility.  

The question/answer session with the motion sensor concluded the investigation.  Please go to the EVP, Photos, and Precognitive Impressions tabs at the top of the page to view the evidence collected during our investigation of Monteverde at Oldstone.  For more information on Monteverde, you can visit their website at http://www.monteverderestaurant.com/.