E.M. Forster
A site dedicated to the discussion of the works and life of the classic author.

   Began as a poject for an advanced placement composition class, this site is dedicated to the mysterious figure of Edward Morgan Forster. Born in 1879, Forster's work has included such novels as Where Angels Fear to Tread, The Longest Jounrney, A Room With a View, Howards End, A Passage to India, and Maurice. This site is mainly dedicated to the content of Forster's most famous novel, A Passage to India.

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A summary of A Passage to India and a discussion on the validity of the novel's status as a classic, taking into consideration such factors as...can be found here.

A biography on Edward Morgan Forster's eventful life, from his English schooling, to his travels as an adult, and finally to his later life as a settled BBC broadcaster can be found here.

This paper includes a  discussion on E.M. Forster's personal writing style, with reference to A Passage to India in particular, and concerns narrative voice, literary devices used, descriptions, themes,  and vocabulary. The paper may be found here.

This paper is a discussion of the various themes contained in Edward Morgan Forster's classic novel A Passage to India, including the themes of friendship, integrity, and the srtuggle between foreign and invading powers. The link may be found here.