Problem Solving

The Bus Goes Round and Round

My group decided to being the process brainstorming problems that we have noticed on UGA's campus.  We decided on the problem with the bus system once parking and football tickets were already taken by other groups.  We understood that there were too many students trying to get too many places on the bus system, and that the buses were not getting them where they needed to be fast enough.  To find a solution for this problem we searched the internet for sources about UGA and other transportation systems.  We found a UGA By Numbers website that informed us about the size of campus as well as the number of buses that UGA currently has within the transportation system.  We also researched VIrginia Tech's transportation because we had heard great things about the way it was functioning.  Both resources showed us that we had enough money and buses going into the UGA transportation system.  Something else was causing the problem.  We decided it was the actual length of the bus routes.  If you get on most buses, it takes over 15 minutes to go through the route.  Students do not make it to class fast enough with such long routes.  We feel that our solution is realistic.  It will take time to redesign the bus routes and students might now understand the change in the beginning.  However, over time, this system should work much better for the students.  Shorter routes will also for faster turn-around so that more buses will be able to come along during the small break in between classes. I believe that our solution could be given to policymakers if we turned it into a more formal presentation.  We revised our solution by recognizing that at least a couple longer bus routes were needed in order to get students completely across campus on one bus.  Our peer feedback went really well.  People mentioned the need for the longer bus routes as well so we implemented that into our solution.  My suggestions for teachers would be to allow the students to pick topics that are more easily researched online.  We had a difficult time finding resources that really went with our specific solution.  Also, allow for more time in class to work on the solution.  I feel that our solution could have been much more detailed if we were given more in class time to work on it.