My name is Katie Frulla.  I hold a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Memphis in History with a Minor in Philosophy.  Following graduation I completed my Master of Arts in Teaching and am currently teaching in a K-12 setting in the Shelby County School District.


Doctoral Goals

My goal for embarking on this journey with IDT at the University of Memphis is to become an expert in the field of Instructional Design and Technology.  I plan to conduct worthwhile research that will benefit the field and enable me to become a knowledgeable professional, designing programs for instruction at many levels.

Professional Goals

Following graduation I hope to be able to implement the things that I have learned and discovered in my current setting in a school based role.  I would like to move into a role where I work more with teacher development and training.  Roughly 3-5 years from graduation it is my hope to have moved to working on a district level and working to create effective training for teachers on a larger scale.  I would like to eventually write and design training programs for adults.  It is my desire to eventually move on to a corporate setting and hopefully work in designing training programs for professionals in fields beyond just Education.