Welcome to UnMerchandise UnStore! The place to spend your UnMoney on UnMerchandise to make you UnAppealing and us UnRich!

If you want merchandise, you've come to the sort of right place. There's not much reason for this page to exist, but it does. So shut up and give me money.

Attention: I have 2 Medium white shirts, a XXXL, and the small white shirt shown below. These are all I have left of this round of shirts. If you would like one, please email me.


No Redeeming Value shirt. Size Small. Qty: 1. This style can also be made in Medium.

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Oscar Wilde quotation shirt. Size Large. Already sold. This can be made in Medium.

<-- Front. Writing says "uncyclopedia"

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       Writing says:

"It is a sorry man who cannot invent an Oscar Wilde quote to fit his situation.
-Oscar Wilde" 

 Paying Me

In the US

Cost is $10. This includes shipping. Email me to get my address (and confirm identity :]) and send me a check or cash. I take requests for shirts. The styles shown here are merely examples; I can make almost anything as long as the license is appropriate. Once I receive the money, I usually ship the shirt the same day, but sometimes I'm lazy. Allow a week, and then start bugging me.

Outside the US

Shippping costs more outside the US. It costs the equivalent of 15 USD. I don't have PayPal, so until I do, you'll have to find someone who has it in the US and is willing to mail me a check. Email me to arrange this. Shipping takes longer overseas as well.


irc: keitei on freenode