I am a graduate student in the Astronomy Ph.D. program at Georgia State University. I teach introductory astronomy labs, take awesome classes to learn everything there is to know about the universe, and, when the weather allows it, try to do some research. I am interested in stellar structure and evolution. In the past I have looked at very old stars to learn more about the different stages they go through as they die. Currently I am working on observing massive O and B type stars with CHARA to learn more about their fundamental properties. 

When I'm not busy staring at stars I like playing video games, going out to movies, reading, and horseback riding. I have two cats, my furry children, Pixel and Abby, and a wonderful husband, Justin!

E-mail:              kgordon@chara.gsu.edu

Office:                25 Park Place, 605H

Office Phone:  (404) 413-6024

Address:         Georgia State University
             Department of Physics and Astronomy
       P.O. Box 4106, Atlanta, GA 30302-410613-6014
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