Yoga Practices

Why practice yoga or attend workshops on health and wellness?

  • To find your passion and purpose in life
  • To harness the connections between your mind, body and spirit
  • To heal and recover from life's trauma and drama
  • To improve your life and your relationships
  • To increase your happiness and productivity
  • To be the change you wish to see in the world

There are many reasons to be an agent for change - what is your reason?

With a mission to help people heal and improve their lives, Katie offers all kinds of yoga practices.

Katie lived with chronic stress that was impacting her mental and physical health in many ways - until she found yoga. With over 10 years of teaching in a variety of settings, Katie felt called to become a Yoga Teacher to share with others the healing power of yoga that she experienced in her own life. She values the lessons that are discovered on the mat that can be brought into life off the mat and highlights these connections in her classes.

Her trauma-informed flows are suitable for all bodies and level of practice. She can develop a class or workshop based on your requests but focuses mainly on vinyasa classes, slow-flows, beginners and meditative classes - all while honoring the tradition of a spiritual based yoga practice.

Currently, you can find Katie subbing for candlelight yoga, gentle yoga and vinyasa yoga classes at PureEnergy in Paoli, PA as well as vinyasa, gentle and beginner's classes at Nectar Yoga and A Culture Factory through Yoga with Sheila, both in Phoenixville, PA. You can also find her starting in August, 2019 teaching Yoga for Recovery at Unity Yoga in Manayunk, PA.

Follow Katie on Instagram to see about her upcoming classes: @KatieBeanWellness

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Katie is teaching on stage at 10:30am on September 14, 2019!

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which supports the Domestic Violence Center of Chester County

Katie will be leading a workshop on personal self-care and life balance on September 29, 2019!

Workshops are offered in the area at various times throughout the year so look under the Retreats and Upcoming Workshops for details -- Or you can request a workshop for you and your friends! Katie is also willing to do private yoga lessons in your home or hers! Contact Katie for more information.

Health and Wellness Workshops:

  • The Wheel of Wellness (60 minutes minimum)

There are many dimensions of wellness including physical, mental, spiritual, financial, intellectual, professional, and social - and the key is to balance each of these priorities. This workshop will delve into these 6 dimensions of wellness and provide a space for goal-setting. Any one dimension can be chosen to focus on or this can be turned into a 3 or 6-week series.

  • Mindfulness Vs Meditation (60 minutes minimum)

Research proves that a mindfulness practice makes people more satisfied and happy with their lives and improves relationships. This workshop will discuss the benefits and strategies of a mindfulness and meditation practice and include time to practice a few different techniques to bring calm, clarity and focus.

Yoga Workshops:

  • Yoga and Meditation Circle (75 minutes)

This workshop can be focused on a variety of topics including gratitude, setting goals and intentions, healing and finding peace, and many others. Each workshop will begin with a brief meditation and time for journaling on the topic of the day. Slow and gentle movements lead to a few heat-building poses to help to clear the mind before journaling again with additional prompts. We end with a share circle to help build community and connection. This can be a great offering for a group of friends as a girls night out (or in!)

  • Yoga & The Examen (60 or 75 minute class)

The Jesuit Examen and a yoga practice are similiar - they both are ways to connect to a higher power to discern our true purpose in life. Participants will utilize conscious breathing, slow movements, and meditation while reflecting on the day/week/month/year, etc. using the Examen format.

  • Yoga & Writing Workshop (90 minute class)

This all-levels workshop will provide prompts and a space to journal regarding the emotions that come up throughout the class. This slow flow class brings participants through a series of physical postures to help clear the mind and explore untapped thoughts or emotions. Specific prompts can be shared based on your group's plans, goals or concerns.

  • Yoga for Desk Sitters Workshop (60 or 75 minute class)

This all-levels workshop is specifically for office workers or long commuters and will provide an opportunity to stretch and strengthen the muscles that are impacted from sitting too much. With a focus on the wrists and low back, participants will leave with specific tips and techniques for at-home stretches and at-desk stretches as well.

  • Yoga for Recovery Workshop (90 minute class)

This trauma-informed class will ensure a safe and comfortable environment while focusing on recovery of mind, body and spirit. A gentle and slow flow of physical postures, accompanied by breathing techniques and guided mediation, provides a space for healing. This class also focuses on a crucial element of recovery - building a community of support. This class is often offered as a donation-based class and funds are generated for a local non-profit.