For Faith-Based Organizations

Why add a yoga practice to my spiritual life?

  • To connect our body and breath to our mind and spirit
  • To bring an awareness of the spirit into every day moments
  • To connect to our own divinity
  • To bring intention and purpose to our daily lives
  • To build community while connecting with our higher power/God

There are many reasons to be an agent for change - what is your reason?

Yoga Classes and Workshops:

  • Yoga & The Examen (60 or 75 minutes)

The Jesuit Examen and a yoga practice are similiar - they both are ways to connect to a higher power to discern our true purpose in life. Participants will utilize conscious breathing, slow movements, and meditation while reflecting on the day/week/month/year, etc. using the Examen format.

  • Yoga & Writing Workshop (90 minutes)

This all-levels workshop will provide prompts and a space to journal regarding the emotions that come up throughout the class. This slow flow class brings participants through a series of physical postures to help clear the mind and explore untapped thoughts or emotions. Specific prompts can be shared based on your group's wants or needs.