Author of "Murder on the Night Shift," Bullwhacked" and "Hung Up in Bemidji"

A rodeo company’s barrel man is found murdered in his hotel room. Retired bull rider Cooper Lydell reluctantly takes on the dead guy’s job because he needs money and misses the rodeo life.

As if making himself the target of a 2,200 bull isn’t enough, Cooper must figure out who the killer is after another employee is found murdered at a rodeo in northern Minnesota. It seems his life may depend on it.

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Television reporter Ellie Schimmel, alone on the night shift when the report of a dead body comes in over the police scanner, is the first journalist to the scene. Livid bruises on the victim's neck suggest murder. This is just the sort of story she's been waiting to cover. If she can convince her boss to let her stay on it and do a good job, maybe she'll get promoted to the day shift. Ellie sets to work doing her own investigating and making contacts in the police department. But, working two shifts and keeping up with a secret side job isn't easy. As the evidence mounts, there's another murder.*

*Percentage of sales to animal rescue.

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Retired bullrider Cooper Lydell is finally happy. After years of living in his truck, and eating more cheeseballs than he cares to count, meals are coming regularly. Sheets and pillowcases are the norm, too, and he’s got his eye on some property in Montana…all thanks to his very successful bullrider son Tommy.

And then, suddenly, Cooper is


Son Tommy is gone . . . with a sexy blond in a red Thunderbird. No more meal ticket, no more hotel rooms, no more RETIREMENT.

Available at Amazon here.

Available at Amazon here.


Kathy Cohen has lived in northern Virginia, Germany, Omaha, and the Washington D.C. area. She currently resides in Minneapolis. With a degree in English literature and some graduate credits in Linguistics, she writes both fiction and non-fiction.

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