Homepage of Kathy Dujardin, PhD


- Professor of Clinical Neuroscience at the University of Lille (Lille 2 - Droit et Santé, Medicine), Inserm U1171
- Neuropsychology specialist, Neurology and Movement Disorders Department, Lille University Medical Center (CHU Lille) 
- Program Director, Master degree in Biology and Health Sciences, University of Lille (in 
charge of the health sector) http://master-biologie-sante.univ-lille.fr/
- Deputy director of the VASCOG Hospital-University Federation, in charge of education  
- Member of the Lille Centre of Excellence in Neurodegenerative Disorders board, LiCEND 


My work is focused on the cognitive and behavioral functions of the basal ganglia. I have clinical and research expertise on cognitive (attention and executive functions) and behavioral (apathy, anxiety, impulse control disorders) dysfunctions related to Parkinson's disease and other basal ganglia disorders.

Publications in the last five years


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