Productivity Sites

This website is an easy concept map creator. Students do not  need a log in to create, but will need one to save. Each student will need an individual account for this, but the gmail+ trick works for this site.
This is a poster making website. The students can create both static and interactive posters. Another nice feature is the simplicity of embedding the poster into student blogs.  For this site, I have one class account that the students use.
This is another concept map making site. This site is a little more complex than, but offers many more options. I have not used this with my students.
This is an interactive white board site. You can invite other people to participate on your white board, where you can either teach them something or work collaboratively on projects. Lots of neat tools, including drawing tools and importing pictures. You can use this site with or without an account.
Use these sites to create word clouds with students.
Gliffy allows you to create all sorts of charts and diagrams, including venn diagrams, flow charts, and organizational charts.
Type what you want to say, and in one simple click, create an mp3 file!
Create a talking avatar to show what you know. This is a great activity for all subject areas, especially foreign language classes. There are many languages to choose from. You can record your voice or type what you want to say! Quick and simple to use, these talking avatars can be embedded into a website.
Turn a simple picture into a talking mini-movie. Students will "cut" a mouth for their character, then record their own voice. Another great activity for any subject area.