Kate Phillips

Writing, Speaking, and Argument Program

My philosophical specialities are metaethics and ethics. I'm interested in parallels between debates about ethical and scientific realism, and also how scientific work can or should influence our ethical theory and practice. I am particularly interested in virtue ethics because of the ways that work from psychology has been brought into conversation with ethics.

I have similar interests in the realms of communication and argumentation. I am curious how virtues like patience and honesty function in successful communication. I think about connections between different forms of academic writing, as well as how they are different and what that means. I have questions about writing conventions and choices in scientific and humanistic inquiry, as well as how argument functions in different disciplines and, again, what that means.

I had the privilege of studying in the department of philosophy at the University of Rochester. After finishing my PhD, I found a welcoming interdisciplinary community in the Writing, Speaking, and Argument Program.

email me: kathryn.phillips@rochester.edu

For a little more about me, here is a fun interview I got to do on the Virtue Blog