Writing, Speaking, and Argument Program

My philosophical specialities are metaethics and ethics - more specifically I am interested in things like parallels between debates about ethical and scientific realism, and I am interested in how scientific work can or should influence our work in ethics. My dissertation work focused on moral character and developing an empirically informed virtue ethics. I like metaphysics and philosophy of science, too.

I bring similar interests into my teaching of and investigation into writing. I am curious how virtues like patience and honesty function in successful communication. I think about connections between different forms of academic writing, as well as how they are different and what that means. I have questions about writing conventions and choices in scientific and humanistic inquiry, as well as how argument functions in different disciplines and, again, what that means. 

I had the privilege of studying in the department of philosophy at the University of Rochester. After finishing my PhD, I found a welcoming interdisciplinary haven of scholarship in the Writing, Speaking, and Argument Program, so now you can find me here:

University of Rochester
G-121 Rush Rhees Library
Rochester, NY 14627-0078

feel free to email me: kathryn.phillips@rochester.edu

For more about what I do, please go here:

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