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About Me:

Writing for me is as natural as breathing and as indispensable. The stories unfold endlessly, begging to be told . . .

I have lived in Illinois from the day I was born, from the far southern to the northwestern suburbs of Chicago with some stops in between. My husband, Steve, and I now live in the near northwest suburbs with our two cats, Misty and Mira.

While I have loved to write since I first learned how to put words on paper, it came second to a career in Information Technology for many years. Around 2004, as I again felt the pull to create fiction, I asked myself "if not now, when?" The answer was to delve into finishing a novel started almost twenty years prior. When I believed it to be ready, I began sending queries to literary agents. That's when my education in the world of publishing really began, and boy, did I have a lot to learn!

After many, many rejections on that first and a few subsequent novels, my work found a "home" in 2011 with Write Words, Inc., a small publisher of both ebooks as well as print under their Cambridge Books division. I have also dabbled in short stories and achieved some success with my entries in the Writers of the Future Contest. Now I have seven published novels under my belt with more on the way!

For those of you who love to read, check out the information on my books on these pages and follow the links for more content on my other web locations.

For those of you who love to write and long to be professionally published, I offer some observations based on my experience:

  • Keep writing, no matter what.
  • While not every rejection will come with explanations or advice, learn from those that do.
  • Read other writers, of course, but pay special attention to first books. Unknown authors are often held to higher standards than after they achieve some commercial recognition.
  • Write your stories. If someone makes a suggestion of a book to write and it inspires you, then go with it, but avoid trying to “write to the market.” It takes time to write and publish a book, and by the time you get there, what’s hot in the market will most likely have changed.



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